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{adj: nine, 9, ix} denoting a quantity consisting of one more than eight and one less than ten

{adj: nine-membered, 9-membered} of a chemical compound having a ring with nine members

{adj: preteen, preadolescent} of or relating to or designed for children between the ages of 9 and 12
"a preteen party"
"preteen clothing"

{n: 9/11, 9-11, September 11, Sept. 11, Sep 11} the day in 2001 when Arab suicide bombers hijacked United States airliners and used them as bombs

{n: Arabic numeral, Hindu numeral, Hindu-Arabic numeral} one of the symbols 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0
<-> Roman numeral

{n: Arminius, Armin, Hermann} German hero; leader at the battle of Teutoburger Wald in AD 9 (circa 18 BC - AD 19)

{n: Benford's law} a law used by auditors to identify fictitious populations of numbers; applies to any population of numbers derived from other numbers
"Benford's law holds that 30% of the time the first non-zero digit of a derived number will be 1 and it will be 9 only 4.6% of the time"

{n: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA} the central research and development organization for the United States Department of Defense; responsible for developing new surveillance technologies since 9/11

{n: Lord's Prayer} the prayer that Christ gave his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:9-13)

{n: Muse} in ancient Greek mythology any of 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne; protector of an art or science

{n: Nagasaki} a city in southern Japan on Kyushu; a leading port and shipbuilding center; on August 9, 1945 Nagasaki became the second populated area to receive an atomic bomb

{n: Olympus, Mount Olympus, Mt. Olympus, Olimbos} a mountain peak in northeast Greece near the Aegean coast; believed by ancient Greeks to be the dwelling place of the gods (9,570 feet high)

{n: Teutoburger Wald, battle of Teutoburger Wald} a battle in 9 AD in which the Germans under Arminius annihilated three Roman Legions

{n: Vespasian, Titus Flavius Sabinus Vespasianus} Emperor of Rome and founder of the Flavian dynasty who consolidated Roman rule in Germany and Britain and reformed the army and brought prosperity to the empire; began the construction of the Colosseum (9-79)

{n: air, airwave} medium for radio and television broadcasting
"the program was on the air from 9 til midnight"
"the president used the airwaves to take his message to the people"

{n: billion, one thousand million, 1000000000} the number that is represented as a one followed by 9 zeros

{n: bitternut, bitternut hickory, bitter hickory, bitter pignut, swamp hickory, Carya cordiformis} hickory of the eastern United States having a leaves with 7 or 9 leaflets and thin-shelled very bitter nuts

{n: decimal digit} a digit from 0 to 9 in decimal notation

{n: decimal notation} any notation that uses 10 different characters (usually the digits 0 to 9)

{n: elephant bird, aepyornis} huge (to 9 ft.) extinct flightless bird of Madagascar

{n: eutectoid steel} a steel that contains 0.9% carbon (the eutectic point); a carbon steel with 0.9% carbon is pure pearlite

{n: firkin} a British unit of capacity equal to 9 imperial gallons

{n: fluorine, F, atomic number 9} a nonmetallic univalent element belonging to the halogens; usually a yellow irritating toxic flammable gas; a powerful oxidizing agent; recovered from fluorite or cryolite or fluorapatite

{n: golf, golf game} a game played on a large open course with 9 or 18 holes; the object is use as few strokes as possible in playing all the holes

{n: hyper-eutectoid steel} a steel that contains more than 0.9% carbon

{n: hypo-eutectoid steel} a steel that contains less that 0.9% carbon

{n: light year, light-year} the distance that light travels in a vacuum in 1 year; 5.88 trillion miles or 9.46 trillion kilometers

{n: mockernut, mockernut hickory, black hickory, white-heart hickory, big-bud hickory, Carya tomentosa} smooth-barked North American hickory with 7 to 9 leaflets bearing a hard-shelled edible nut

{n: modulus} an integer that can be divided without remainder into the difference between two other integers
"2 is a modulus of 5 and 9"

{n: multiple} the product of a quantity by an integer
"36 is a multiple of 9"

{n: mutchkin} a Scottish unit of liquid measure equal to 0.9 United States pint

{n: nanosecond} one billionth (10^-9) of a second; one thousandth of a microsecond

{n: nine, 9, IX, niner, Nina from Carolina, ennead} the cardinal number that is the sum of eight and one

{n: preteen, preteenager} a preadolescent boy or girl (usually between 9 and 12 years of age)
"little league is intended for the preteens"

{n: quartet, quartette, foursome} four people considered as a unit
"he joined a barbershop quartet"
"the foursome teed off before 9 a.m."

{n: record} the number of wins versus losses and ties a team has had
"at 9-0 they have the best record in their league"

{n: secondary school, lyceum, lycee, Gymnasium, middle school} a school for students intermediate between elementary school and college; usually grades 9 to 12

{n: senior high school, senior high, high, highschool, high school} a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12
"he goes to the neighborhood highschool"

{n: span} a unit of length based on the width of the expanded human hand (usually taken as 9 inches)

{n: strong gale} wind moving 47-54 knots; 9 on the Beaufort scale

{n: terce, tierce} the third canonical hour; about 9 a.m.

{n: waterwheel plant, Aldrovanda vesiculosa} floating aquatic carnivorous perennial of central and southern Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia having whorls of 6 to 9 leaves ending in hinged lobes for capturing e.g. water fleas

{v: report} announce one's presence
"I report to work every day at 9 o'clock"

{v: slate} designate or schedule
"He slated his talk for 9 AM"
"She was slated to be his successor"

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