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{adj: Gabonese} of or relating to Gabon or its inhabitants
"Gabonese hills"
"Gabonese writers"

{n: Gabon franc} the basic unit of money in Gabon

{n: Gabon, Gabonese Republic, Gabun} a republic on the west coast of Africa

{n: Gabonese} a native or inhabitant of Gabon

{n: Libreville, capital of Gabon} the capital of Gabon

{n: Schweitzer, Albert Schweitzer} French philosopher and physician and organist who spent most of his life as a medical missionary in Gabon (1875-1965)

{n: centime} a fractional monetary unit of several countries: France and Algeria and Belgium and Burkina Faso and Burundi and Cameroon and Chad and the Congo and Gabon and Haiti and the Ivory Coast and Luxembourg and Mali and Morocco and Niger and Rwanda and Senegal and Switzerland and Togo

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