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{adj: rabbinical, rabbinic} of or relating to rabbis or their teachings
"rabbinical school"

{n: Ezra, Book of Ezra} an Old Testament book telling of a rabbi's efforts in the 5th century BC to reconstitute Jewish law and worship in Jerusalem after the Babylonian Captivity

{n: Hillel} Palestinian rabbi and interpreter of Judaic law

{n: Maimonides, Moses Maimonides, Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon} Spanish philosopher considered the greatest Jewish scholar of the Middle Ages who codified Jewish law in the Talmud (1135-1204)

{n: Rabbi} a Hebrew title of respect for a Jewish scholar or teacher

{n: amora} one of a group of rabbis (active AD 250-500) who discussed the Mishnaic law in the law schools of Palestine and Mesopotamia where they explained and applied earlier teachings and whose discussions are recorded in the Talmud; they emphasized the study of Torah and the importance of personal action and the fulfillment of the commandments

{n: ordination, ordinance} the act of ordaining; the act of conferring (or receiving) holy orders
"the rabbi's family was present for his ordination"

{n: rabbinate} rabbis collectively

{n: rabbinate} the office or function of a rabbi

{n: rabbi} spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation; qualified to expound and apply Jewish law

{n: seminary} a theological school for training ministers or priests or rabbis

{v: chant, intone, intonate, cantillate} recite with musical intonation ; recite as a chant or a psalm
"The rabbi chanted a prayer"

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