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{adj: Wagnerian} of or relating to Richard Wagner or his music

{n: Melchior, Lauritz Melchior, Lauritz Lebrecht Hommel Melchior} United States operatic tenor (born in Denmark) noted for his Wagnerian roles (1890-1973)

{n: Nilsson, Brigit Nilsson, Marta Brigit Nilsson} Swedish operatic soprano who played Wagnerian roles (born in 1918)

{n: Wagnerian} a follower of the theories or an admirer of the music of Richard Wagner

{n: oeuvre, work, body of work} the total output of a writer or artist (or a substantial part of it)
"he studied the entire Wagnerian oeuvre"
"Picasso's work can be divided into periods"

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