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X chromosome

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{adj: X-linked} relating to genes or characteristics or conditions carried on the X chromosome
"an X-linked mutation"

{adj: sex-linked} concerning characteristics that are determined by genes carried on the sex chromosomes (on the X chromosome in particular)

{n: Klinefelter's syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, XXY-syndrome} syndrome in males that is characterized by small testes and long legs and enlarged breasts and reduced sperm production and mental retardation; a genetic defect in which an extra X chromosome (XXY) is present in the male

{n: Turner's syndrome} a chromosomal disorder in females who have only one X chromosome; marked by dwarfism and heart abnormalities and underdeveloped sex organs

{n: X chromosome} the sex chromosome that is present in both sexes: singly in males and doubly in females
"human females normally have two X chromosomes"

{n: X-linked dominant inheritance} hereditary pattern in which a dominant gene on the X chromosome causes a characteristic to be manifested in the offspring

{n: X-linked gene} a gene located on an X chromosome

{n: X-linked recessive inheritance} hereditary pattern in which a recessive gene on the X chromosome results in the manifestation of characteristics in male offspring and a carrier state in female offspring

{n: Y chromosome} the sex chromosome that is carried by men
"human males normally have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome"

{n: centromere, kinetochore} a specialized condensed region of each chromosome that appears during mitosis where the chromatids are held together to form an X shape
"the centromere is difficult to sequence"

{n: sex-linked disorder} any disease or abnormality that is determined by the sex hormones
"hemophilia is determined by a gene defect on an X chromosome"

{n: xeroderma pigmentosum} a rare genetic condition characterized by an eruption of exposed skin occurring in childhood and photosensitivity with severe sunburn; inherited as a recessive autosomal trait in which DNA repair processes are defective so they are more likely to chromosome breaks and cancers when exposed to ultraviolet light

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