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a la carte

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{adj: a la carte} (of a restaurant meal) having unlimited choices with a separate price for each item
<-> table d'hote

{adj: table d'hote, prix fixe} (of a restaurant meal) complete but with limited choices and at a fixed price
<-> a la carte

{adv: a la carte} by ordering items listed individually on a menu
"we ate a la carte"

{n: a la carte} a menu having individual dishes listed with separate prices

{n: carte blanche} complete freedom or authority to act

{n: ecarte} a card game for 2 players; played with 32 cards and king high

{n: euchre, five hundred} a card game similar to ecarte; each player is dealt 5 cards and the player making trump must take 3 tricks to win a hand

{n: menu, bill of fare, card, carte du jour, carte} a list of dishes available at a restaurant
"the menu was in French"

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