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back light

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{adj: backed} used of film that is coated on the side opposite the emulsion with a substance to absorb light

{adj: reflected} (especially of incident sound or light) bent or sent back
"reflected light"
"reflected heat"
"reflected glory"
<-> unreflected

{adj: unreflected} (especially of incident sound or light) not turned back by physical reflection
<-> reflected

{n: banter, raillery, give-and-take, backchat} light teasing repartee

{n: dark ground illumination, dark field illumination} a form of microscopic examination of living material by scattered light; specimens appear luminous against a dark background

{n: organic light-emitting diode, OLED} a self-luminous diode (it glows when an electrical field is applied to the electrodes) that does not require backlighting or diffusers

{n: reflection, reflexion} the phenomenon of a propagating wave (light or sound) being thrown back from a surface

{n: retina} the light-sensitive membrane covering the back wall of the eyeball; it is continuous with the optic nerve

{n: roller, tumbler, tumbler pigeon} pigeon that executes backward somersaults in flight or on the ground

{n: round-trip light time, RTLT} the elapsed time it takes for a signal to travel from Earth to a spacecraft (or other body) and back to the starting point

{v: crack} cause to become cracked
"heat and light cracked the back of the leather chair"

{v: foreground, highlight, spotlight, play up} move into the foreground to make more visible or prominent
"The introduction highlighted the speaker's distinguished career in linguistics"
<-> background, play down

{v: hunt} yaw back and forth about a flight path
"the plane's nose yawed"

{v: lay over, stop over} interrupt a journey temporarily, e.g., overnight
"We had to stop over in Venezuela on our flight back from Brazil"

{v: reflect, reverberate} to throw or bend back or reflect (from a surface)
"A mirror in the sun can reflect light into a person's eyes"
"Sound is reflected well in this auditorium"

{v: throw back, toss back} throw back with a quick, light motion
"She tossed back her head"

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