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back side

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{adj: backed} used of film that is coated on the side opposite the emulsion with a substance to absorb light

{adj: rear, rearward} located in or toward the back or rear
"the chair's rear legs"
"the rear door of the plane"
"on the rearward side"

{adv: askance} with a side or oblique glance
"did not quite turn all the way back but looked askance at me with her dark eyes"

{n: Heaviside, Oliver Heaviside} English physicist and electrical engineer who helped develop telegraphic and telephonic communications; in 1902 (independent of A. E. Kennelly) he suggested the existence of an atmospheric layer that reflects radio waves back to earth (1850-1925)

{n: Kennelly, A. E. Kennelly, Arthur Edwin Kennelly} United States electrical engineer noted for his work on the theory of alternating currents; independently of Oliver Heaviside he discovered the existence of an atmospheric layer that reflects radio waves back to earth (1861-1939)

{n: United States Customary System} the system of weights and measures based on the foot and pound and second and pint that dates back to colonial America but differs in some respects from the British Imperial System; today in the United States this system exists side by side with the SI system

{n: backhand drive} a hard straight return made on the backhand side

{n: breaststroke} a swimming stroke; the arms are extended together in front of the head and swept back on either side accompanied by a frog kick

{n: buttocks, nates, arse, butt, backside, bum, buns, can, fundament, hindquarters, hind end, keister, posterior, prat, rear, rear end, rump, stern, seat, tail, tail end, tooshie, tush, bottom, behind, derriere, fanny, ass} the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on
"he deserves a good kick in the butt"
"are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?"

{n: hindquarter} the back half of a side of meat

{n: latchkey} key for raising or drawing back a latch or opening an outside door

{n: latisimus dorsi, lat} a broad flat muscle on either side of the back

{n: lay-up, layup} a basketball shot made with one hand from a position under or beside the basket (and usually banked off the backboard)

{n: loin, lumbus} either side of the backbone between the hipbone and the ribs in humans as well as quadrupeds

{n: loin} a cut of meat taken from the side and back of an animal between the ribs and the rump

{n: lugworm, lug, lobworm} marine worms having a row of tufted gills along each side of the back; often used for fishing bait

{n: nape, scruff, nucha} the back side of the neck

{n: oyster} a small muscle on each side of the back of a fowl

{n: rear, backside, back end} the side of an object that is opposite its front
"his room was toward the rear of the hotel"
<-> front

{n: rear, back} the side that goes last or is not normally seen
"he wrote the date on the back of the photograph"
<-> front

{n: reservation} the act of keeping back or setting aside for some future occasion

{n: revers, revere} a lapel on a woman's garment; turned back to show the reverse side

{n: rumble seat} a folding outside seat in the back of some early cars

{n: spine, backbone} the part of a book's cover that encloses the inner side of the book's pages and that faces outward when the book is shelved
"the title and author were printed on the spine of the book"

{n: straight chair, side chair} a straight-backed chair without arms

{n: wing chair} easy chair having wings on each side of a high back

{n: wingback} the position of the offensive back who lines up behind or outside the end

{v: reserve} hold back or set aside, especially for future use or contingency
"they held back their applause in anticipation"

{v: restrain, confine, hold} to close within bounds, limit or hold back from movement
"This holds the local until the express passengers change trains"
"About a dozen animals were held inside the stockade"
"The illegal immigrants were held at a detention center"
"The terrorists held the journalists for ransom"

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