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{n: NIMBY} someone who objects to siting something in their own neighborhood but does not object to it being sited elsewhere; an acronym for not in my backyard

{n: backyard} the grounds in back of a house

{n: catch} a cooperative game in which a ball is passed back and forth
"he played catch with his son in the backyard"

{v: conserve} preserve with sugar
"Mom always conserved the strawberries we grew in the backyard"

{v: front, look, face} be oriented in a certain direction, often with respect to another reference point ; be opposite to
"The house looks north"
"My backyard look onto the pond"
"The building faces the park"
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{v: grow} cause to grow or develop
"He grows vegetables in his backyard"

{v: look} perceive with attention ; direct one's gaze towards
"She looked over the expanse of land"
"Look at your child!"
"Look--a deer in the backyard!"

{v: puddle} wade or dabble in a puddle
"The ducks and geese puddled in the backyard"

{v: shovel} dig with or as if with a shovel
"shovel sand"
"he shovelled in the backyard all afternoon long"

{v: widen, broaden, extend} extend in scope or range or area
"The law was extended to all citizens"
"widen the range of applications"
"broaden your horizon"
"Extend your backyard"

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