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{adj: aerial} in or belonging to the air or operating (for or by means of aircraft or elevated cables) in the air
"aerial particles"
"small aerial creatures such as butterflies"
"aerial warfare"
"aerial photography"
"aerial cable cars"

{adj: broken} not continuous in space, time, or sequence or varying abruptly
"broken lines of defense"
"a broken cable transmission"
"broken sleep"
"tear off the stub above the broken line"
"a broken note"
"broken sobs"
<-> unbroken

{adj: funicular} relating to or operated by a cable
"funicular railway"

{adj: unsheathed, bare} not having a protective covering
"unsheathed cables"
"a bare blade"
<-> sheathed

{adv: badly, bad} very much; strongly
"I wanted it badly enough to work hard for it"
"the cables had sagged badly"
"they were badly in need of help"
"he wants a bicycle so bad he can taste it"

{n: Federal Communications Commission, FCC} an independent government agency that regulates interstate and international communications by radio and television and wire and cable and satellite

{n: barrage balloon} an elongated tethered balloon or blimp with cables or net suspended from it to deter enemy planes that are flying low

{n: bathysphere} spherical deep diving apparatus (lowered by a cable) for underwater exploration

{n: bitter end} (nautical) the inboard end of a line or cable especially the end that is wound around a bitt

{n: block and tackle} pulley blocks with associated rope or cable

{n: cable car, car} a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway
"they took a cable car to the top of the mountain"

{n: cable railway, funicular, funicular railway} a railway up the side of a mountain pulled by a moving cable and having counterbalancing ascending and descending cars

{n: cable television, cable} television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver

{n: cable, cable length, cable's length} a nautical unit of depth

{n: cable, cable television, cable system, cable television service} a television system that transmits over cables

{n: cable, cablegram, overseas telegram} a telegram sent abroad

{n: cable, line, transmission line} a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power

{n: cable} a very strong thick rope made of twisted hemp or steel wire

{n: chairlift, chair lift} a ski lift on which riders (skiers or sightseers) are seated and carried up or down a mountainside; seats are hung from an endless overhead cable

{n: closed-circuit television} a television system that is not used for broadcasting but is connected by cables to designated monitors (as in a factory or theater)

{n: coaxial cable, coax, coax cable} a transmission line for high-frequency signals

{n: electrical cable} a cable that provides an electrical connection for telephone or television or power stations

{n: ethernet cable} any of several types of coaxial cable used in ethernets

{n: ethernet} a type of networking technology for local area networks; coaxial cable carries radio frequency signals between computers at a rate of 10 megabits per second

{n: external drive} a drive with its own power supply and fan mounted outside the computer system enclosure and connected to the computer by a cable

{n: fiber optic cable, fibre optic cable} a cable made of optical fibers that can transmit large amounts of information at the speed of light

{n: fiber-optic transmission system, fibre-optic transmission system, FOTS} a communication system using fiber optic cables

{n: ground cable} a mooring cable; runs from a buoy to a mooring anchor

{n: gutta-percha} a whitish rubber derived from the coagulated milky latex of gutta-percha trees; used for insulation of electrical cables

{n: guy, guy cable, guy rope} a rope or cable that is used to brace something (especially a tent)

{n: jumper cable, jumper lead, lead, booster cable} a jumper that consists of a short piece of wire
"it was a tangle of jumper cables and clip leads"

{n: jumpstart, jump-start} starting an automobile engine that has a weak battery by means of jumper cables to another car
"my battery was dead so I had to get a jumpstart from my neighbor"

{n: junction barrier, barrier strip} a junction unit for connecting 2 cables without the need for plugs

{n: marlinespike, marlinspike, marlingspike} a pointed iron hand tool that is used to separate strands of a rope or cable (as in splicing)

{n: peripheral, computer peripheral, peripheral device} (computer science) electronic equipment connected by cable to the CPU of a computer
"disk drives and printers are important peripherals"

{n: polyvinyl chloride, PVC} a polymer of vinyl chloride used instead of rubber in electric cables

{n: power line, power cable} cable used to distribute electricity

{n: power system, power grid, grid} a system of high tension cables by which electrical power is distributed throughout a region

{n: printer cable} a cable between a computer and a printer

{n: radiotelephone, radiophone, wireless telephone} a telephone that communicates by radio waves rather than along cables

{n: repeater} (electronics) electronic device that amplifies a signal before transmitting it again
"repeaters can be used in computer networks to extend cabling distances"

{n: riding bitt} one of the large bitts used to secure the cable of a dropped anchor

{n: skyhook} helicopter carrying a reel of steel cable that can be used to lift and transport heavy objects

{n: slack} a cord or rope or cable that is hanging loosely
"he took up the slack"

{n: staple} a short U-shaped wire nail for securing cables

{n: stay} (nautical) brace consisting of a heavy rope or wire cable used as a support for a mast or spar

{n: strand} line consisting of a complex of fibers or filaments that are twisted together to form a thread or a rope or a cable

{n: suspension bridge} a bridge that has a roadway supported by cables that are anchored at both ends

{n: telpherage, telferage} a transportation system in which cars (telphers) are suspended from cables and operated on electricity

{n: toggle} a fastener consisting of a peg or pin or crosspiece that is inserted into an eye at the end of a rope or a chain or a cable in order to fasten it to something (as another rope or chain or cable)

{n: tramway, tram, aerial tramway, cable tramway, ropeway} a conveyance that transports passengers or freight in carriers suspended from cables and supported by a series of towers

{n: winch, windlass} lifting device consisting of a horizontal cylinder turned by a crank on which a cable or rope winds

{v: cable, telegraph, wire} send cables, wires, or telegrams

{v: cable} fasten with a cable
"cable trees"

{v: guy} steady or support with with a guy wire or cable
"The Italians guyed the Tower of Pisa to prevent it from collapsing"

{v: moor} secure with cables or ropes
"moor the boat"

{v: port} transfer data from one computer to another via a cable that links connecting ports

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