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{n: canvas tent, canvas, canvass} a tent made of canvas fabric

{n: canvas, canvas fabric, canvass, canvass fabric} a heavy, closely woven fabric (used for clothing or chairs or sails or tents)

{n: canvas, canvass} an oil painting on canvas fabric

{n: canvas, canvass} the mat that forms the floor of the ring in which boxers or professional wrestlers compete
"the boxer picked himself up off the canvas"

{n: canvas, canvass} the setting for a narrative or fictional or dramatic account
"the crowded canvas of history"
"the movie demanded a dramatic canvas of sound"

{n: electioneering, bell ringing, canvassing} persuasion of voters in a political campaign

{n: poll, opinion poll, public opinion poll, canvass} an inquiry into public opinion conducted by interviewing a random sample of people

{n: sail, canvas, canvass, sheet} a large piece of fabric (usually canvas fabric) by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel

{v: analyze, analyse, study, examine, canvass, canvas} consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning
"analyze a sonnet by Shakespeare"
"analyze the evidence in a criminal trial"
"analyze your real motives"

{v: canvass, canvas} solicit votes from potential voters in an electoral campaign

{v: canvas} cover with canvas
"She canvassed the walls of her living room so as to conceal the ugly cracks"

{v: circularize, circularise} canvass by distributing letters

{v: circularize} canvass by using a questionnaire

{v: poll, canvass, canvas} get the opinions (of people) by asking specific questions

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