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{n: Coriolis effect} (physics) an effect whereby a body moving in a rotating frame of reference experiences the Coriolis force acting perpendicular to the direction of motion and to the axis of rotation; on Earth the Coriolis effect deflects moving bodies to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere

{n: blocking, block} the act of obstructing or deflecting someone's movements

{n: cathode-ray tube, CRT} a vacuum tube in which a hot cathode emits a beam of electrons that pass through a high voltage anode and are focused or deflected before hitting a phosphorescent screen

{n: deflection, deflexion, bending} the property of being bent or deflected

{n: diffraction} when light passes sharp edges or goes through narrow slits the rays are deflected and produce fringes of light and dark bands

{n: mass spectrometer, spectrometer} spectroscope for obtaining a mass spectrum by deflecting ions into a thin slit and measuring the ion current with an electrometer

{n: parry} (fencing) blocking a lunge or deflecting it with a circular motion of the sword

{n: scattering} the physical process in which particles are deflected haphazardly as a result of collisions

{v: debar, obviate, deflect, avert, head off, stave off, fend off, avoid, ward off} prevent the occurrence of ; prevent from happening
"Let's avoid a confrontation"
"head off a confrontation"
"avert a strike"

{v: deflect, bend, turn away} turn from a straight course , fixed direction, or line of interest

{v: deflect, deviate} turn aside

{v: distract, deflect} draw someone's attention away from something
"The thief distracted the bystanders"
"He deflected his competitors"

{v: parry, block, deflect} impede the movement of (an opponent or a ball)
"block an attack"

{v: redound} be deflected
"His actions redound on his parents"

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