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{adj: bias} slanting diagonally across the grain of a fabric
"a bias fold"

{adj: brushed, fleecy, napped} (of fabrics) having soft nap produced by brushing
"a dress of brushed cotton"
"a fleecy lining"
"napped fabrics"

{adj: creaseless, uncreased} used especially of fabrics
"uncreased trousers"

{adj: creaseproof, wrinkleproof, crease-resistant, wrinkle-resistant} of fabric that does not wrinkle easily

{adj: darkened} (of fabrics and paper) grown dark in color over time
"the darkened margins of the paper"

{adj: double-faced} (of fabrics) having faces on both sides
"damask is a double-faced fabric"

{adj: drip-dry, permanent-press} used of fabrics that do not require ironing
"drip-dry shirts for travel"

{adj: figured} (of e.g. fabric design) adorned with patterns
"my dress is richly figured"- Amy Lowell

{adj: fine} of textures that are smooth to the touch or substances consisting of relatively small particles
"wood with a fine grain"
"fine powdery snow"
"fine rain"
"batiste is a cotton fabric with a fine weave"
"covered with a fine film of dust"
<-> coarse

{adj: glazed, shiny} having a shiny surface or coating
"glazed fabrics"
"glazed doughnuts"
<-> unglazed

{adj: glossy, calendered} (of paper and fabric and leather) having a surface made smooth and glossy especially by pressing between rollers
"calendered paper"
"a dress of glossy sateen"

{adj: glossy, satiny, sleek, silken, silky, silklike, slick} having a smooth, gleaming surface
"glossy auburn hair"
"satiny gardenia petals"
"sleek black fur"
"silken eyelashes"
"silky skin"
"a silklike fabric"
"slick seals and otters"

{adj: heavy} made of fabric having considerable thickness
"a heavy coat"

{adj: moire, watered} (of silk fabric) having a wavelike pattern

{adj: prefaded} (of fabric or clothing) having been given a faded (weathered) appearance by artificial means

{adj: proofed} treated so as to become resistant
"rust-proofed automobiles"
"shrink-proofed fabrics"

{adj: quilted} made of layers of fabric held together by patterned stitching

{adj: repellent, resistant} incapable of absorbing or mixing with
"a water-repellent fabric"
"plastic highly resistant to steam and water"

{adj: right-side-out} of fabric or clothing

{adj: serviceable} ready for service or able to give long service
"serviceable equipment"
"heavy serviceable fabrics"
<-> unserviceable

{adj: shrinkable} capable of being shrunk
"a shrinkable fabric"
<-> unshrinkable

{adj: slashed} having long and narrow ornamental cuts showing an underlying fabric
"a slashed doublet"
"slashed cuffs showing the scarlet lining"

{adj: smooth} having a surface free from roughness or bumps or ridges or irregularities
"smooth skin"
"a smooth tabletop"
"smooth fabric"
"a smooth road"
"water as smooth as a mirror"
<-> rough

{adj: sturdy, tough} substantially made or constructed
"sturdy steel shelves"
"sturdy canvas"
"a tough all-weather fabric"
"some plastics are as tough as metal"

{adj: textile} of or relating to fabrics or fabric making
"textile research"

{adj: treated} subjected to a physical (or chemical) treatment or action or agent
"the sludge of treated sewage can be used as fertilizer"
"treated timbers resist rot"
"treated fabrics resist wrinkling"
<-> untreated

{adj: untreated} not subjected to chemical or physical treatment
"an untreated fabric"
<-> treated

{adj: unwoven} not woven
"tapa cloth is an unwoven fabric made by pounding bark into a thin sheet"
<-> woven

{adj: weightless} having little or no weight or apparent gravitational pull; light
"floating freely in a weightless condition"
"a baby bat...fluffy and weightless as a moth"
"jackets made of a weightless polyester fabric"
<-> weighty

{adj: wide, wide-cut, full} having ample fabric
"the current taste for wide trousers"
"a full skirt"

{adj: woven} made or constructed by interlacing threads or strips of material or other elements into a whole
"woven fabrics"
"woven baskets"
"the incidents woven into the story"
"folk songs woven into a symphony"
<-> unwoven

{adv: indelibly} in an indelible manner
"this tradition has left its mark indelibly upon the social, political, educational and industrial fabric of this country"

{n: Aertex} a trademark for a loosely woven cotton fabric that is used to make shirts and underwear

{n: Bedford cord} a heavy corded fabric similar to corduroy; used for clothing

{n: Courtelle} an acrylic fabric resembling wool

{n: Dacron, Terylene} a kind of polyester fabric

{n: French knot} stitch made by looping the thread several times around the needle before inserting it into the fabric

{n: G-string, thong} minimal clothing worn by stripteasers; a narrow strip of fabric that covers the pubic area, passes between the thighs, and is supported by a waistband

{n: Jacquard loom, Jacquard} a loom with an attachment for forming openings for the passage of the shuttle between the warp threads; used in weaving figured fabrics

{n: Orlon} an acrylic fiber or the lightweight crease-resistant fabric made with Orlon yarns

{n: Velcro} nylon fabric used as a fastening

{n: Viyella} a fabric made from a twilled mixture of cotton and wool

{n: aba, aba cloth} a fabric woven from goat hair and camel hair

{n: acetate rayon, acetate} a fabric made from fibers of cellulose acetate

{n: acrylic} a synthetic fabric

{n: adhesive bandage} bandage consisting of a medical dressing of plain absorbent gauze held in place by a plastic or fabric tape coated with adhesive

{n: alpaca} a thin glossy fabric made of the wool of the Lama pacos, or made of a rayon or cotton imitation of that wool

{n: baize} a bright green fabric napped to resemble felt; used to cover gaming tables

{n: balbriggan} a cotton knit fabric used for underwear

{n: batik} a dyed fabric; a removable wax is used where the dye is not wanted

{n: batiste} a thin plain-weave cotton or linen fabric; used for shirts or dresses

{n: bodkin} a small sharp-pointed tool for punching holes in leather or fabric

{n: bombazine} a twilled fabric used for dresses; the warp is silk and the weft is worsted
"black bombazine is frequently used for mourning garments"

{n: boucle} a fabric of uneven yarn that has an uneven knobby effect

{n: box pleat} a flat double pleat made by folding under the fabric on either side of it

{n: broadcloth} a closely woven silk or synthetic fabric with a narrow crosswise rib

{n: broadcloth} a densely textured woolen fabric with a lustrous finish

{n: buckram} a coarse cotton fabric stiffened with glue; used in bookbinding and to stiffen clothing

{n: bunting} a loosely woven fabric used for flags, etc.

{n: burlap, gunny} coarse jute fabric

{n: camlet, camlet fabric} a fabric of Asian origin; originally made of silk and camel's hair

{n: camlet} a garment made of camlet fabric

{n: camouflage, camo} fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan; intended to make the wearer of a garment made of this fabric hard to distinguish from the background

{n: canvas tent, canvas, canvass} a tent made of canvas fabric

{n: canvas, canvas fabric, canvass, canvass fabric} a heavy, closely woven fabric (used for clothing or chairs or sails or tents)

{n: canvas, canvass} an oil painting on canvas fabric

{n: carpet beetle, carpet bug} small beetle whose larvae are household pests feeding on woolen fabrics

{n: cashmere} a soft fabric made from the wool of the Cashmere goat

{n: cellulose acetate} an ester of acetic acid; used in fibers and fabrics; photographic films and varnishes

{n: challis} a soft lightweight fabric (usually printed)

{n: chambray} a lightweight fabric woven with white threads across a colored warp

{n: chenille} a heavy fabric woven with chenille cord; used in rugs and bedspreads

{n: chiffon} a sheer fabric of silk or rayon

{n: chinchilla} a thick twilled fabric of wool and cotton

{n: chino, chino cloth} a coarse twilled cotton fabric frequently used for uniforms

{n: chintz} a brightly printed and glazed cotton fabric

{n: coating} a heavy fabric suitable for coats

{n: cobweb} a fabric so delicate and transparent as to resemble a web of a spider

{n: cord, corduroy} a cut pile fabric with vertical ribs; usually made of cotton

{n: cotton flannel, Canton flannel} a stout cotton fabric with nap on only one side

{n: cotton, cotton cloth} fabric woven from cotton fibers

{n: crepe de Chine} a very thin crepe of silk or silklike fabric

{n: crepe, crape} a soft thin light fabric with a crinkled surface

{n: cretonne} an unglazed heavy fabric; brightly printed; used for slipcovers and draperies

{n: crinoline, crinoline fabric} a stiff coarse fabric used to stiffen hats or clothing

{n: crinoline} a full stiff petticoat made of crinoline fabric

{n: damask, damask fabric} a fabric of linen or cotton or silk or wool with a reversible pattern woven into it

{n: denim, denim fabric, dungaree, jean} a coarse durable twill-weave cotton fabric

{n: diagonal, bias} a line or cut across a fabric that is not at right angles to a side of the fabric

{n: diamonte} fabric covered with glittering ornaments such as sequins or rhinestones

{n: diaper} a fabric (usually cotton or linen) with a distinctive woven pattern of small repeated figures

{n: dimity} a strong cotton fabric with a raised pattern; used for bedcovers and curtains

{n: doeskin} a fine smooth soft woolen fabric

{n: dossal, dossel} an ornamental hanging of rich fabric hung behind the altar of a church or at the sides of a chancel

{n: double knit} a knit fabric similar to jersey that is made with two sets of needles producing a double thickness joined by interlocking stitches

{n: draper} a dealer in fabrics and sewing materials (and sometimes in clothing and drygoods)

{n: drape} the manner in which fabric hangs or falls
"she adjusted the drape of her skirt"

{n: drugget} a rug made of a coarse fabric having a cotton warp and a wool filling

{n: dry cleaning} the act of cleaning (fabrics) with a solvent other than water

{n: duck} a heavy cotton fabric of plain weave; used for clothing and tents

{n: duffel, duffle} a coarse heavy woolen fabric

{n: dye, dyestuff} a usually soluble substance for staining or coloring e.g. fabrics or hair

{n: elastic} a fabric made of yarns containing an elastic material

{n: etamine, etamin} a soft cotton or worsted fabric with an open mesh; used for curtains or clothing etc.

{n: fabric, cloth, material, textile} artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers
"the fabric in the curtains was light and semitransparent"
"woven cloth originated in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC"
"she measured off enough material for a dress"

{n: faille} a ribbed woven fabric of silk or rayon or cotton

{n: felt} a fabric made of compressed matted animal fibers

{n: festoon} a curtain of fabric draped and bound at intervals to form graceful loops

{n: figure loom, figured-fabric loom} a loom for weaving figured fabrics

{n: flag, signal flag} a rectangular piece of fabric used as a signalling device

{n: flannel, flannel fabric} a soft light woolen fabric; used for clothing

{n: flannelette} a cotton fabric imitating flannel

{n: flax} fiber of the flax plant that is made into thread and woven into linen fabric

{n: fleece} a soft bulky fabric with deep pile; used chiefly for clothing

{n: foulard} a light plain-weave or twill-weave silk or silklike fabric (usually with a printed design)

{n: framework, fabric} the underlying structure
"restoring the framework of the bombed building"
"it is part of the fabric of society"

{n: frieze} a heavy woolen fabric with a long nap

{n: fustian} a strong cotton and linen fabric with a slight nap

{n: gabardine} a firm durable fabric with a twill weave

{n: gathered skirt} a skirt whose fabric is drawn together around the waist

{n: gauze, netting, veiling} a net of transparent fabric with a loose open weave

{n: gingham} a clothing fabric in a plaid weave

{n: glaze} a glossy finish on a fabric

{n: glaze} coating for fabrics, ceramics, metal, etc.

{n: gossamer} a gauze fabric with an extremely fine texture

{n: grain} the direction or texture of fibers found in wood or leather or stone or in a woven fabric
"saw the board across the grain"

{n: grogram} a coarse fabric of silk mixed with wool or mohair and often stiffened with gum

{n: grosgrain} a silk or silklike fabric with crosswise ribs

{n: herringbone} a twilled fabric with a herringbone pattern

{n: homespun, homespun fabric} a rough loosely woven fabric originally made with yarn that was spun at home

{n: hopsacking, hopsack} a loosely woven coarse fabric of cotton or linen; used in clothing

{n: horsehair, horsehair fabric} fabric made from fibers taken from the mane or tail of horses; used for upholstery

{n: huck, huckaback} toweling consisting of coarse absorbent cotton or linen fabric

{n: jacquard} a highly figured fabric woven on a Jacquard loom

{n: jersey} a slightly elastic machine-knit fabric

{n: khaki, khaki fabric} a sturdy twilled cloth of a yellowish brown color used especially for military uniforms

{n: khakis} a military uniform made of khaki fabric

{n: knit, knitted fabric} a fabric made by knitting

{n: knitter} someone who makes garments (or fabrics) by intertwining yarn or thread

{n: knitting machine} a textile machine that makes knitted fabrics

{n: lacework} work consisting of (or resembling) lace fabric

{n: lace} a delicate decorative fabric woven in an open web of symmetrical patterns

{n: lame} a fabric interwoven with threads of metal
"she wore a gold lame dress"

{n: leatherette, imitation leather} fabric made to look like leather

{n: linen} a fabric woven with fibers from the flax plant

{n: linsey-woolsey} a rough fabric of linen warp and wool or cotton woof

{n: lint} cotton or linen fabric with the nap raised on one side; used to dress wounds

{n: lisle} a fabric woven with lisle thread

{n: macintosh, mackintosh, mac, mack} a waterproof raincoat made of rubberized fabric

{n: mackintosh, macintosh} a lightweight waterproof (usually rubberized) fabric

{n: marseille} strong cotton fabric with a raised pattern; used for bedspreads

{n: matting} floor covering of coarse fabric (usually of straw or hemp)

{n: metallic} a fabric made of a yarn that is partly or entirely of metal

{n: mohair} fabric made with yarn made from the silky hair of the Angora goat

{n: moire, watered-silk} silk fabric with a wavy surface pattern

{n: moleskin} a durable cotton fabric with a velvety nap

{n: moquette} a thick velvety synthetic fabric used for carpets and soft upholstery

{n: moreen} a heavy fabric of wool (or wool and cotton) used mostly in upholstery or for curtains

{n: motley} a multicolored woolen fabric woven of mixed threads in 14th to 17th century England

{n: mousseline de sole} a gauze-like fabric of silk or rayon

{n: muslin} plain-woven cotton fabric

{n: nankeen} a durable fabric formerly loomed by hand in China from natural cotton having a yellowish color

{n: net, network, mesh, meshing, meshwork} an open fabric of string or rope or wire woven together at regular intervals

{n: ninon} a fine strong sheer silky fabric made of silk or rayon or nylon

{n: nylon} a synthetic fabric

{n: oilskin, slicker} a macintosh made from cotton fabric treated with oil and pigment to make it waterproof

{n: open weave} a weave in which warp threads never come together, leaving interstices in the fabric

{n: organza} a fabric made of silk or a silklike fabric that resembles organdy

{n: paisley} a soft wool fabric with a colorful swirled pattern of curved shapes

{n: panting, trousering} any fabric used to make trousers

{n: pepper-and-salt} a fabric woven with flecks of light and dark

{n: percale} a fine closely woven cotton fabric

{n: permanent press, permanent-press fabric, durable press, durable-press fabric} a fabric that has been chemically processed to resist wrinkles and hold its shape

{n: piece of cloth, piece of material} a separate part consisting of fabric

{n: pinstripe} a fabric with very thin stripes

{n: pinstripe} a suit made from a fabric with very thin stripes

{n: pinstripe} a very thin stripe (especially a white stripe on a dark fabric)

{n: pique} tightly woven fabric with raised cords

{n: plaiter} someone who plaits (hair or fabric etc.)

{n: pleat, plait} any of various types of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and then pressing or stitching into shape

{n: plush} a fabric with a nap that is longer and softer than velvet

{n: polyester, polyester fabric} any of a large class of synthetic fabrics

{n: polypropenonitrile, Acrilan} acrylic resin used to make a strong soft crease-resistant fabric (trade name Acrilan)

{n: poplin} a ribbed fabric used in clothing and upholstery

{n: print} a fabric with a dyed pattern pressed onto it (usually by engraved rollers)

{n: pullback, tieback} a device (as a decorative loop of cord or fabric) for holding or drawing something back
"the draperies were drawn to the sides by pullbacks"

{n: quilting} a material used for making a quilt, or a quilted fabric

{n: quilting} stitching through layers of fabric and a filling so as to create a design

{n: raveling, ravelling} a bit of fiber that has become separated from woven fabric

{n: rayon} a synthetic silklike fabric

{n: rep, repp} a fabric with prominent rounded crosswise ribs

{n: repellent, repellant} a compound with which fabrics are treated to repel water

{n: richness} the quality of having high intrinsic value
"the richness of the mines and pastureland"
"the cut of her clothes and the richness of the fabric were distinctive"

{n: roller bandage} bandage consisting of a strip of sterile fabric (of variable width) rolled into a cylinder to facilitate application

{n: rug, carpet, carpeting} floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)

{n: running suit} a matching jacket and pants worn by joggers and made of fabric that absorbs perspiration

{n: russet} a reddish brown homespun fabric

{n: sacking, bagging} coarse fabric used for bags or sacks

{n: sail, canvas, canvass, sheet} a large piece of fabric (usually canvas fabric) by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel

{n: sailcloth} a strong fabric (such as cotton canvas) used for making sails and tents

{n: samite} a heavy silk fabric (often woven with silver or gold threads); used to make clothing in the Middle Ages

{n: sarcenet, sarsenet} a fine soft silk fabric often used for linings

{n: sarong} a loose skirt consisting of brightly colored fabric wrapped around the body; worn by both women and men in the South Pacific

{n: sateen} a cotton fabric with a satiny finish

{n: satinet, satinette} a fabric with a finish resembling satin but made partly or wholly from cotton or synthetic fiber

{n: satin} a smooth fabric of silk or rayon; has a glossy face and a dull back

{n: screening} fabric of metal or plastic mesh

{n: scrim} a firm open-weave fabric used for a curtain in the theater

{n: seersucker} a light puckered fabric (usually striped)

{n: selvage, selvedge} the edge of a fabric that is woven so that it will not ravel or fray

{n: serger} a sewing machine that overcasts the raw edges of a fabric with a V-shaped stitch

{n: serge} a twilled woolen fabric

{n: shag} a fabric with long coarse nap
"he bought a shag rug"

{n: shantung} a heavy silk fabric with a rough surface (or a cotton imitation)

{n: sharkskin} a smooth crisp fabric

{n: sheeting} fabric from which bed sheets are made

{n: shirting} any of various fabrics used to make men's shirts

{n: shirttail} fabric forming the tail of a shirt

{n: silesia} a sturdy twill-weave cotton fabric; used for pockets and linings

{n: silkiness, sleekness} the smooth feel of silk fabric

{n: silk} a fabric made from the fine threads produced by certain insect larvae

{n: size, sizing} any glutinous material used to fill pores in surfaces or to stiffen fabrics
"size gives body to a fabric"

{n: slip stitch} loose stitch catching only a thread or two of fabric; designed to be invisible from the right side

{n: spandex} an elastic synthetic fabric

{n: sponge cloth} any soft porous fabric (especially in a loose honeycomb weave)

{n: stainer} a worker who stains (wood or fabric)

{n: stitch} sewing consisting of a link or loop or knot made by drawing a threaded needle through a fabric

{n: stockinette stitch} knitting stitch having alternate rows of knit stitches and purl stitches, producing a fabric as for stockings

{n: stretch pants} trousers made of a stretchy fabric

{n: suede cloth, suede} a fabric made to resemble suede leather

{n: suit, suit of clothes} a set of garments (usually including a jacket and trousers or skirt) for outerwear all of the same fabric and color
"they buried him in his best suit"

{n: suiting} a fabric used for suits

{n: suspensory, suspensory bandage} a bandage of elastic fabric applied to uplift a dependant part (as the scrotum or a pendulous breast)

{n: swan's down} soft woolen fabric used especially for baby clothes

{n: sweatband} a band of fabric or leather sewn inside the crown of a hat

{n: taffeta} a crisp smooth lustrous fabric

{n: tammy} plain-woven (often glazed) fabric of wool or wool and cotton used especially formerly for linings and garments and curtains

{n: tanka} a Tibetan religious painting on fabric

{n: tapestry, arras} a wall hanging of heavy handwoven fabric with pictorial designs

{n: tendency, inclination} a characteristic likelihood of or natural disposition toward a certain condition or character or effect
"the alkaline inclination of the local waters"
"fabric with a tendency to shrink"

{n: terry, terry cloth, terrycloth} a pile fabric (usually cotton) with uncut loops on both sides; used to make bath towels and bath robes

{n: texture} the feel of a surface or a fabric
"the wall had a smooth texture"

{n: ticking} a strong fabric used for mattress and pillow covers

{n: toweling, towelling} any of various fabrics (linen or cotton) used to make towels

{n: tricot} a knitted fabric or one resembling knitting

{n: true sago palm, Metroxylon sagu} Malaysian palm whose pithy trunk yields sago--a starch used as a food thickener and fabric stiffener; Malaya to Fiji

{n: tweed} thick woolen fabric used for clothing; originated in Scotland

{n: ulster} loose long overcoat of heavy fabric; usually belted

{n: upholstery material} the fabric used in upholstering

{n: upholstery} covering (padding and springs and webbing and fabric) on a piece of furniture

{n: velour, velours} heavy fabric that resembles velvet

{n: velveteen} a usually cotton fabric with a short pile imitating velvet

{n: velvet} a silky densely piled fabric with a plain back

{n: vicuna} a soft wool fabric made from the fleece of the vicuna

{n: viscose rayon, viscose} a rayon fabric made from viscose (cellulose xanthate) fibers

{n: voile} a light semitransparent fabric

{n: wash-and-wear, wash-and-wear fabric} a fabric treated to be easily washable and to require no ironing

{n: waterproof} any fabric impervious to water

{n: weave} pattern of weaving or structure of a fabric

{n: weaving} creating fabric

{n: webbing} a strong fabric woven in strips

{n: web} a fabric (especially a fabric in the process of being woven)

{n: whipcord} a strong worsted or cotton fabric with a diagonal rib

{n: wincey} a plain or twilled fabric of wool and cotton used especially for warm shirts or skirts and pajamas

{n: wire cloth} fabric woven of metallic wire

{n: wool, woolen, woollen} a fabric made from the hair of sheep

{n: worsted, worsted fabric} a woolen fabric with a hard textured surface and no nap; woven of worsted yarns "he wore a worsted suit"

{n: yard goods, piece goods} merchandise in the form of fabrics sold by the yard

{n: yoke} fabric comprising a fitted part at the top of a garment

{v: batik} dye with wax
"Indonesian fabrics are often batiked"

{v: bolt} make or roll into bolts
"bolt fabric"

{v: breathe} allow the passage of air through
"Our new synthetic fabric breathes and is perfect for summer wear"

{v: crock} release color when rubbed, of badly dyed fabric

{v: elongate, stretch} make long or longer by pulling and stretching
"stretch the fabric"

{v: faggot, fagot} ornament or join (fabric) by faggot stitch
"He fagotted the blouse for his wife"

{v: felt, felt up, mat up, matt-up, matte up, matte, mat} change texture so as to become matted and felt-like
"The fabric felted up after several washes"

{v: gather, pucker, tuck} draw fabric together and sew it tightly

{v: hand dye} dye by hand
"This fabric is hand-dyed"

{v: impress, yarn-dye} dye (fabric) before it is spun

{v: inweave} weave together into a fabric or design

{v: line} reinforce with fabric
"lined books are more enduring"

{v: rubberize, rubberise, rubber} coat or impregnate with rubber
"rubberize fabric for rain coats"

{v: ruffle, pleat} pleat or gather into a ruffle
"ruffle the curtain fabric"

{v: rumple, crumple, wrinkle, crease, crinkle} become wrinkled or crumpled or creased
"This fabric won't wrinkle"

{v: shrink, contract} become smaller or draw together
"The fabric shrank"
"The balloon shrank"
<-> expand, stretch

{v: stretch} become longer by being stretched and pulled
"The fabric stretches"
<-> shrink

{v: tease} raise the nap of (fabrics)

{v: tie dye} dye after knotting the fabric to produce an irregular pattern
"The flower children tie-dye their T-shirts"

{v: tuck} make a tuck or several folds in
"tuck the fabric"
"tuck in the sheet"

{v: tumble dry} dry by spinning with hot air inside a cylinder
"These fabrics are delicate and cannot be tumbled dry"

{v: weave, tissue} create a piece of cloth by interlacing strands of fabric, such as wool or cotton
"tissue textiles"

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