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facial expression

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{adj: facial} of or concerning the face
"a facial massage"
"facial hair"
"facial expression"

{n: emoticon} a representation of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email
":-( and :-) are emoticons"

{n: expression, look, aspect, facial expression, face} the feelings expressed on a person's face
"a sad expression"
"a look of triumph"
"an angry face"

{n: facial expression, facial gesture} a gesture executed with the facial muscles

{n: frown, scowl} a facial expression of dislike or displeasure

{n: grimace, face} a contorted facial expression
"she made a grimace at the prospect"

{n: laugh} a facial expression characteristic of a person laughing
"his face wrinkled in a silent laugh of derision"

{n: mime, mimer, mummer, pantomimer, pantomimist} an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression

{n: smile, smiling, grin, grinning} a facial expression characterized by turning up the corners of the mouth; usually shows pleasure or amusement

{n: sneer, leer} a facial expression of contempt or scorn; the upper lip curls

{n: sneerer, scorner} a person who expresses contempt by remarks or facial expression

{n: straight face} a serious facial expression giving no evidence of interest or amusement

{n: wince} the facial expression of sudden pain

{v: beam} smile radiantly ; express joy through one's facial expression

{v: look} have a certain outward or facial expression
"How does she look?"
"The child looks unhappy"
"She looked pale after the surgery"

{v: smile} change one's facial expression by spreading the lips, often to signal pleasure

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