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{adj: crocketed} (of a gable or spire) furnished with a crocket (an ornament in the form of curved or bent foliage)
"a crocketed spire"

{adj: gabled} (of a roof) constructed with a single slope on each side of the ridge supported at the end by a gable or vertical triangular portion of an end wall
"a gabled roof"
<-> hipped

{adj: hipped} (of a roof) sloping on all sides
"a hipped roof has sloping ends rather than gables"
<-> gabled

{n: Gable, Clark Gable, William Clark Gable} United States film actor (1901-1960)

{n: Harlow, Jean Harlow, Harlean Carpenter} United States film actress who made several films with Clark Gable (1911-1937)

{n: bell cote, bell cot} a small shelter for bells; has a gable or shed roof

{n: bell gable} an extension of a gable that serves as a bell cote

{n: corbel step, corbie-step, corbiestep, crow step} (architecture) a step on the top of a gable wall

{n: corbie gable} (architecture) a gable having corbie-steps or corbel steps

{n: crocket} an architectural ornament of curved foliage used at the edge of a spire or gable

{n: dormer window} the window in a gabled extension built to accommodate a window

{n: dormer, dormer window} a gabled extension built out from a sloping roof to accommodate a vertical window

{n: double, stunt man, stunt woman} a stand-in for movie stars to perform dangerous stunts
"his first job in Hollywood was as a double for Clark Gable"

{n: finial} an ornament at the top of a spire or gable; usually a foliated fleur-de-lis

{n: gable roof, saddle roof, saddleback, saddleback roof} a double sloping roof with a ridge and gables at each end

{n: gable, gable end, gable wall} the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof

{n: gambrel, gambrel roof} a gable roof with two slopes on each side and the lower slope being steeper

{n: pediment} a triangular gable between a horizontal entablature and a sloping roof

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