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ice age

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{adj: Icelandic} of or relating to Iceland or its people or culture and language
"Icelandic ports"
"the Icelandic president is a woman"
"Icelandic sagas"

{adj: receding, retiring} moving toward a position farther from the front
"the receding glaciers of the last ice age"
"retiring fogs revealed the rocky coastline"

{n: Faroese, Faeroese} a Scandinavian language (closely related to Icelandic) that is spoken on the Faroe Islands

{n: Icelandic} a Scandinavian language that is the official language of Iceland

{n: Old Norse} the extinct Germanic language of medieval Scandinavia and Iceland from about to 700 to 1350

{n: Paleolithic Age, Paleolithic, Palaeolithic} second part of the Stone Age beginning about 750,00 to 500,000 years BC and lasting until the end of the last ice age about 8,500 years BC

{n: Scandinavian, Scandinavian language, Nordic, Norse, North Germanic, North Germanic language} the northern family of Germanic languages that are spoken in Scandinavia and Iceland

{n: cage} the net that is the goal in ice hockey

{n: ice age, glacial period, glacial epoch} any period of time during which glaciers covered a large part of the earth's surface
"the most recent ice age was during the Pleistocene"

{n: ice plant, icicle plant, Mesembryanthemum crystallinum} Old World annual widely naturalized in warm regions having white flowers and fleshy foliage covered with hairs that resemble ice

{n: power outage, power failure} equipment failure resulting when the supply of power fails
"the ice storm caused a power outage"

{n: power play} (ice hockey) a play in which one team has a numerical advantage over the other as a result of penalties
"the team was unable to capitalize on the power play"

{n: precaution, safeguard, guard} a precautionary measure warding off impending danger or damage or injury etc.
"he put an ice pack on the injury as a precaution"
"an insurance policy is a good safeguard"
"we let our guard down"

{n: tea} a beverage made by steeping tea leaves in water
"iced tea is a cooling drink"

{n: topology} topographic study of a given place (especially the history of place as indicated by its topography)
"Greenland's topology has been shaped by the glaciers of the ice age"

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