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{adj: jade, jade-green} of something having the color of jade; especially varying from bluish green to yellowish green

{adj: jaded, wearied} exhausted
"my father's words had left me jaded and depressed"- William Styron

{adj: jaded} dulled by surfeit
"the amoral, jaded, bored upper classes"

{adj: semiprecious} used of gemstones having less commercial value than precious stones
"such semiprecious stones as amethyst, garnet, jade, and tourmaline"

{n: adulteress, fornicatress, hussy, jade, loose woman, slut, strumpet, trollop} a woman adulterer

{n: hack, jade, nag, plug} an old or over-worked horse

{n: jade green, jade} a light green color varying from bluish green to yellowish green

{n: jade vine, emerald creeper, Strongylodon macrobotrys} vigorous Philippine evergreen twining liana; grown for spectacular festoons of green flowers that resemble lobster claws

{n: jade, jadestone} a semiprecious gemstone that takes a high polish; is usually green but sometimes whitish; consists of jadeite or nephrite

{n: jadeite} a hard green mineral consisting of sodium aluminum silicate in monoclinic crystalline form; a source of jade; found principally in Burma

{n: nephrite} an amphibole mineral consisting of calcium magnesium silicate in monoclinic crystalline form; a source of jade that is less valuable than from jadeite; once believed to cure kidney disorders

{v: tire, pall, weary, fatigue, jade} get tired of something or somebody

{v: tire, wear upon, tire out, wear, weary, jade, wear out, outwear, wear down, fag out, fag, fatigue} exhaust or tire through overuse or great strain or stress
"We wore ourselves out on this hike"
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