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{adj: accommodating} obliging; willing to do favors
"made a special effort to be accommodating"

{adj: complaisant, obliging} showing a cheerful willingness to do favors for others
"to close one's eyes like a complaisant husband whose wife has taken a lover"
"the obliging waiter was in no hurry for us to leave"

{adj: contaminated, dirty, pestiferous} contaminated with infecting organisms
"dirty wounds"
"obliged to go into infected rooms"- Jane Austen

{adj: duty-bound, obliged} under a moral obligation to do something

{n: Iphigenia} (Greek mythology) the daughter of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon; Agamemnon was obliged to offer her as a sacrifice to Artemis when the Greek fleet was becalmed on its way to Troy; Artemis rescued her and she later became a priestess

{n: Miranda rule} the rule that police (when interrogating you after an arrest) are obliged to warn you that anything you say may be used as evidence and to read you your constitutional rights (the right to a lawyer and the right to remain silent until advised by a lawyer)

{n: drudge, peon, navvy, galley slave} a laborer who is obliged to do menial work

{n: duty} work that you are obliged to perform for moral or legal reasons
"the duties of the job"

{n: good nature} a cheerful, obliging disposition
<-> ill nature

{n: good-temperedness, good-humoredness, good-humouredness, good-naturedness} a cheerful willingness to be obliging

{n: kirpan} a ceremonial four-inch curved dagger that Sikh men are obliged to wear at all times

{n: liability} the state of being legally obliged and responsible

{n: noblesse oblige} the obligation of those of high rank to be honorable and generous (often used ironically)

{v: compel, oblige, obligate} force or compel somebody to do something
"We compel all students to fill out this form"

{v: disoblige} ignore someone's wishes
<-> oblige

{v: oblige, accommodate} provide a service or favor for someone
"We had to oblige him"
<-> disoblige

{v: oblige, bind, hold, obligate} bind by an obligation ; cause to be indebted
"He's held by a contract"
"I'll hold you by your promise"

{v: owe} be obliged to pay or repay

{v: spill, talk} reveal information
"If you don't oblige me, I'll talk!"
"The former employee spilled all the details"

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