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{adj: abhorrent, detestable, obscene, repugnant, repulsive} offensive to the mind
"an abhorrent deed"
"the obscene massacre at Wounded Knee"
"morally repugnant customs"
"repulsive behavior"
"the most repulsive character in recent novels"

{adj: foul-mouthed, foul-spoken} using foul or obscene language
"noisy foul-mouthed women all shouting at once"

{adj: impure} (used of persons or behaviors) immoral or obscene
"impure thoughts"
<-> pure

{adj: lewd, obscene, raunchy, salacious} suggestive of or tending to moral looseness
"lewd whisperings of a dirty old man"
"an indecent gesture"
"obscene telephone calls"
"salacious limericks"

{adj: obscene} designed to incite to indecency or lust
"the dance often becomes flagrantly obscene"- Margaret Mead

{adv: lewdly, obscenely} in a lewd and obscene manner
"he had seen how in their dances the white men and women held one another obscenely"

{adv: obscenely} to an obscene degree
"this man is obscenely rich"

{n: Comstock, Anthony Comstock} United States reformer who led moral crusades against art and literature that he considered obscene (1844-1915)

{n: bawdry, bawdy} lewd or obscene talk or writing
"it was smoking-room bawdry"
"they published a collection of Elizabethan bawdy"

{n: bullshit, bull, Irish bull, horseshit, shit, crap, dogshit} obscene words for unacceptable behavior
"I put up with a lot of bullshit from that jerk"
"what he said was mostly bull"

{n: censor} a person who is authorized to read publications or correspondence or to watch theatrical performances and suppress in whole or in part anything considered obscene or politically unacceptable

{n: cock, prick, dick, shaft, pecker, peter, tool, putz} obscene terms for penis

{n: coprolalia} an uncontrollable use of obscene language; often accompanied by mental disorders

{n: crap, dirt, shit, shite, poop, turd} obscene terms for feces

{n: cunt, puss, pussy, slit, snatch, twat} obscene terms for female genitals

{n: curse, curse word, expletive, oath, swearing, swearword, cuss} profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger
"expletives were deleted"

{n: expurgator, bowdlerizer, bowdleriser} a person who edits a text by removing obscene or offensive words or passages
"Thomas Bowdler was a famous expurgator"

{n: four-letter word, four-letter Anglo-Saxon word} any of several short English words (often having 4 letters) generally regarded as obscene or offensive

{n: obscenity, lewdness, bawdiness, salaciousness, salacity} the trait of behaving in an obscene manner

{n: obscenity} an obscene act

{n: scurrility, billingsgate} foul-mouthed or obscene abuse

{n: the shits, the trots} obscene terms for diarrhea

{v: smut} make obscene
"This line in the play smuts the entire act"

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