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{adj: apart, isolated, obscure} remote and separate physically or socially
"existed over the centuries as a world apart"
"preserved because they inhabited a place apart"- W.H.Hudson
"tiny isolated villages remote from centers of civilization"
"an obscure village"

{adj: cryptic, cryptical, deep, inscrutable, mysterious, mystifying} of an obscure nature
"the new insurance policy is written without cryptic or mysterious terms"
"a deep dark secret"
"the inscrutable workings of Providence"
"in its mysterious past it encompasses all the dim origins of life"- Rachel Carson
"rituals totally mystifying to visitors from other lands"

{adj: dark, obscure} marked by difficulty of style or expression
"much that was dark is now quite clear to me"
"those who do not appreciate Kafka's work say his style is obscure"

{adj: darkling} uncannily or threateningly dark or obscure
"a darkling glance"
"secret operatives and darkling conspiracies"-Archibald MacLeish

{adj: fogged, foggy} obscured by fog
"he could barely see through the fogged window"

{adj: hidden, obscure} difficult to find
"hidden valleys"
"a hidden cave"
"an obscure retreat"

{adj: hole-and-corner, hole-in-corner} relating to the peripheral and unimportant aspects of life
"a hole-and-corner life in some obscure community"- H.G.Wells

{adj: involute} (of some shells) closely coiled so that the axis is obscured

{adj: obscure, unknown, unsung} not famous or acclaimed
"an obscure family"
"unsung heroes of the war"

{adj: obscure, unnoticeable} not drawing attention
"an unnoticeable cigarette burn on the carpet"
"an obscure flaw"

{adj: obscure, vague} not clearly understood or expressed
"an obscure turn of phrase"
"an impulse to go off and fight certain obscure battles of his own spirit"-Anatole Broyard
"their descriptions of human behavior become vague, dull, and unclear"- P.A.Sorokin
"vague...forms of speech...have so long passed for mysteries of science"- John Locke

{adj: unshadowed} not darkened or obscured by shadow
"on the rough sea ice you may on an unshadowed day...fall over a chunk of ice that is kneehigh"- Vilhjalmur Stefansson

{adv: obscurely} in an obscure manner
"this work is obscurely written"

{adv: shakily} in an insecurely shaky manner
"this theory is rather shakily supported by some obscure data"

{n: Pauropoda, class Pauropoda} an obscure class of minute arthropods with branched antennae and 8 to 10 pairs of legs

{n: Temple of Apollo, Oracle of Apollo, Delphic oracle, oracle of Delphi} (Greek mythology) the oracle at Delphi where a priestess supposedly delivered messages from Apollo to those who sought advice; the messages were usually obscure or ambiguous

{n: cabalist, kabbalist} an expert who is highly skilled in obscure or difficult or esoteric matters

{n: decipherer} a reader capable of reading and interpreting illegible or obscure text

{n: discernment, perceptiveness} perception of that which is obscure

{n: eclipse, occultation} one celestial body obscures another

{n: form division} an artificial taxonomic category for organisms of which the true relationships are obscure

{n: form family} (biology) an artificial taxonomic category for organisms of which the true relationships are obscure

{n: form genus} (biology) an artificial taxonomic category for organisms of which the true relationships are obscure

{n: form genus} an artificial taxonomic category established on the basis of morphological resemblance for organisms of obscure true relationships especially fossil forms

{n: gloss, rubric} an explanation or definition of an obscure word in a text

{n: hugger-mugger, mumbo jumbo} a state of confusion; ritual accompanied by complicated and purposeless activity that obscures and confuses
"he engaged in the hugger-mugger of international finance"

{n: mysticism} obscure or irrational thought

{n: mystification, obfuscation} the activity of obscuring people's understanding, leaving them baffled or bewildered

{n: narrow margin, narrowness, slimness} a small margin
"the president was not humbled by his narrow margin of victory"
"the landslide he had in the electoral college obscured the narrowness of a victory based on just 43% of the popular vote"

{n: obfuscation} darkening or obscuring the sight of something

{n: obscurantism} a deliberate act intended to make something obscure

{n: obscurity} an obscure and unimportant standing; not well known
"he worked in obscurity for many years"
<-> prominence

{n: officialese} the style of writing characteristic of some government officials: formal and obscure

{n: oracle} a prophecy (usually obscure or allegorical) revealed by a priest or priestess; believed to be infallible

{n: partial eclipse} an eclipse in which the eclipsed body is only partially obscured

{n: smoke screen, smokescreen} (military) screen consisting of a cloud of smoke that obscures movements

{n: smoke screen, smokescreen} an action intended to conceal or confuse or obscure
"requesting new powers of surveillance is just a smokescreen to hide their failures"

{n: swarm, cloud} a group of many insects
"a swarm of insects obscured the light"
"a cloud of butterflies"

{n: total eclipse} an eclipse as seen from a place where the eclipsed body is completely obscured

{v: confuse, blur, obscure, obnubilate} make unclear, indistinct, or blurred
"Her remarks confused the debate"
"Their words obnubilate their intentions"

{v: dampen, deaden, damp} make vague or obscure or make (an image) less visible
"muffle the message"

{v: obfuscate} make obscure or unclear
<-> clarify

{v: obscure, bedim, overcloud} make obscure or unclear
"The distinction was obscured"

{v: obscure, befog, becloud, obnubilate, haze over, fog, cloud, mist} make less visible or unclear
"The stars are obscured by the clouds"

{v: obscure, benight, bedim} make difficult to perceive by sight
"The foliage of the huge tree obscures the view of the lake"

{v: obscure, blot out, obliterate, veil, hide} make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing
"a hidden message"
"a veiled threat"

{v: soft-pedal} play down or obscure
"His advisers soft-pedaled the president's blunder"

{v: veil} to obscure, or conceal with or as if with a veil
"women in Afghanistan veil their faces"
<-> unveil

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