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{adj: Roman, R.C., Romanist, romish, Roman Catholic, popish, papist, papistic, papistical} of or relating to or supporting Romanism
"the Roman Catholic Church"

{adj: contained} controlled
"striking with contained ferocity at my head"- R.L.Stevenson

{adj: definitive, unequivocal} clearly defined or formulated
"the plain and unequivocal language of the laws"- R.B.Taney

{adj: divine, godlike} appropriate to or befitting a god
"the divine strength of Achilles"
"a man of godlike sagacity"
"man must play God for he has acquired certain godlike powers"-R.H.Roveref

{adj: double, dual, twofold, two-fold, treble, threefold, three-fold} having more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects or qualities
"a double (or dual) role for an actor"
"the office of a clergyman is twofold; public preaching and private influence"- R.W.Emerson
"every episode has its double and treble meaning"-Frederick Harrison

{adj: external} purely outward or superficial
"external composure"
"an external concern for reputation"- A.R.Gurney,Jr.

{adj: guttural} relating to or articulated in the throat
"the glottal stop and uvular `r' and `ch' in German `Bach' are guttural sounds"

{adj: huge, immense, vast, Brobdingnagian} unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope
"huge government spending"
"huge country estates"
"huge popular demand for higher education"
"a huge wave"
"the Los Angeles aqueduct winds like an immense snake along the base of the mountains"
"immense numbers of birds"
"at vast (or immense) expense"
"the vast reaches of outer space"
"the vast accumulation of knowledge...which we call civilization"- W.R.Inge

{adj: inner, interior, internal} located inward
"Beethoven's manuscript looks like a bloody record of a tremendous inner battle"- Leonard Bernstein
"she thinks she has no soul, no interior life, but the truth is that she has no access to it"- David Denby
"an internal sense of rightousness"- A.R.Gurney,Jr.

{adj: insightful} exhibiting insight or clear and deep perception
"an insightful parent"
"the chapter is insightful and suggestive of new perspectives"-R.C.Angell

{adj: insignificant, unmeaning} signifying nothing
"insignificant sounds"
"his response...is picayune and unmeaning"- R.B. Pearsall

{adj: mimetic} exhibiting mimicry
"mimetic coloring of a butterfly"
"the mimetic tendency of infancy"- R.W.Hamilton

{adj: molar} pertaining to large units of behavior
"such molar problems of personality as the ego functions"--R.R. Hunt
<-> molecular

{adj: murmurous, rustling, soughing, susurrous} characterized by soft sounds
"a murmurous brook"
"a soughing wind in the pines"
"a slow sad susurrous rustle like the wind fingering the pines"- R.P.Warren

{adj: nonstandard} not conforming to the language usage of a prestige group within a community
"a nonstandard dialect is one used by uneducated speakers or socially disfavored groups"
"the common core of nonstandard words and phrases in folk speech"- A.R.Dunlap
<-> standard

{adj: peculiar} characteristic of one only; distinctive or special
"the peculiar character of the Government of the U.S."- R.B.Taney

{adj: prescient} perceiving the significance of events before they occur
"extraordinarily prescient memoranda on the probable course of postwar relations"-R.H.Rovere

{adj: providential} relating to or characteristic of providence
"assumption that nature operates only according to a providential plan"- M.R.Cohen

{adj: rare, uncommon} marked by an uncommon quality; especially superlative or extreme of its kind
"what is so rare as a day in June"-J.R.Lowell
"a rare skill"
"an uncommon sense of humor"
"she was kind to an uncommon degree"

{adj: reductive} characterized by or causing diminution or curtailment
"their views of life were reductive and depreciabory" - R.H.Rovere

{adj: revengeful, vindictive, vengeful} disposed to seek revenge or intended for revenge
"more vindictive than jealous love"- Shakespeare
"punishments...essentially vindictive in their nature"- M.R.Cohen

{adj: rolled, rolling, trilled} uttered with a trill
"she used rolling r's as in Spanish"

{adj: tragicomic, tragicomical} manifesting both tragic and comic aspects
"the tragicomic disparity...between's man's aspirations and his accomplishments"- B.R.Redman

{adj: unanalyzable, undecomposable} representing the furthest possible extent of analysis or division into parts
"a feeling is a simple and undecomposable mental state"- G.S.Brett
"this weight of evidence is something mystical and unanalyzable"-M.R.Cohen

{adj: unconquerable} not capable of being conquered or vanquished or overcome
"a tribute to his courage...and his unconquerable will"- R.E.Danielson
"faced unconquerable difficulties"
<-> conquerable

{adj: unprepared} without preparation; not prepared for
"unprepared remarks"
"the shock was unprepared"
"our treaty makers approached their immensely difficult problems unprepared"- R.E.Danielson
<-> prepared

{adj: untapped} not drawn upon or used
"untapped reserves of coal"
"the untapped stockrooms of our minds"- G.R.Harrison

{adj: uvular} of or relating to or associated with the uvula
"the uvular r"

{adj: vowellike} having characteristics of a vowel sound
"the vowellike nature of `r'"

{adv: afield, abroad} far away from home or one's usual surroundings
"looking afield for new lands to conquer"- R.A.Hall

{n: CD-R, compact disc recordable, CD-WO, compact disc write-once} a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory

{n: Cattell, Ray Cattell, R. B. Cattell, Raymond B. Cattell, Raymond Bernard Cattell} American psychologist (born in England) who developed a broad theory of human behavior based on multivariate research (1905-1998)

{n: Firth, J. R. Firth, John Rupert Firth} English linguist who contributed to linguistic semantics and to prosodic phonology and who was noted for his insistence on studying both sound and meaning in context (1890-1960)

{n: Ford, Gerald Ford, Gerald R. Ford, Gerald Rudolph Ford, President Ford} 38th President of the United States; appointed vice president and succeeded Nixon when Nixon resigned (1913-)

{n: Fuller, Buckminster Fuller, R. Buckminster Fuller, Richard Buckminster Fuller} United States architect who invented the geodesic dome (1895-1983)

{n: Kirchhoff, G. R. Kirchhoff, Gustav Robert Kirchhoff} German physicist who with Bunsen pioneered spectrum analysis and formulated two laws governing electric networks (1824-1887)

{n: Livingston, Robert R. Livingston} American Revolutionary leader who served in the Continental Congress and as minister to France (1746-1813)

{n: Major, John Major, John R. Major, John Roy Major} British statesman who was prime minister from 1990 until 1997 (born in 1943)

{n: Mitchell, R. J. Mitchell, Reginald Joseph Mitchell} English aeronautical engineer (1895-1937)

{n: Murrow, Edward R. Murrow, Edward Roscoe Murrow} United States broadcast journalist remembered for his reports from London during World War II (1908-1965)

{n: North Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, D.P.R.K., DPRK} a communist country in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula; established in 1948

{n: Ohm's law} electric current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance; I = E/R

{n: QWERTY keyboard} the standard typewriter keyboard; the keys for Q, W, E, R, T, and Y are the first six from the left on the top row of letter keys

{n: R, letter r} the 18th letter of the Roman alphabet

{n: R-2, Mexican valium, rophy, rope, roofy, roach, forget me drug, circle} street names for flunitrazepan

{n: Secretary of Energy, Energy Secretary} the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of Energy
"the first Secretary of Energy was James R. Schlesinger who was appointed by Carter"

{n: Tolkien, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien} British philologist and writer of fantasies (born in South Africa) (1892-1973)

{n: Waite, Morrison Waite, Morrison R. Waite, Morrison Remick Waite} United States jurist who was appointed chief justice of the United States Supreme Court in 1874 by President Grant (1816-1888)

{n: acyl, acyl group} any group or radical of the form RCO- where R is an organic group
"an example of the acyl group is the acetyl group"

{n: deictic, deictic word} a word specifying identity or spacial or temporal location from the perspective of a speaker or hearer in the context in which the communication occurs
"words that introduce particulars of the speaker's and hearer's shared cognitive field into the message"- R.Rommetveit

{n: derv} diesel oil used in cars and lorries with diesel engines; from d(iesel) e(ngine) r(oad) v(ehicle)

{n: diazonium} the univalent cation R-N:N- (where R is an aromatic hydrocarbon); found in salts that are used in manufacturing azo dyes

{n: gas constant, universal gas constant, R} (physics) the universal constant in the gas equation: pressure times volume = R times temperature; equal to 8.3143 joules per kelvin per mole

{n: geodesic dome} a lightweight dome constructed of interlocking polygons; invented by R. Buckminster Fuller

{n: hobbit} an imaginary being similar to a person but smaller and with hairy feet; invented by J.R.R. Tolkien

{n: inwardness} preoccupation with what concerns human inner nature (especially ethical or ideological values)
"Socrates' inwardness, integrity, and inquisitiveness"- H.R.Finch
<-> outwardness

{n: lallation} defective articulation of the `l' phoneme or the phoneme `r' is pronounced as `l'

{n: liquid} a frictionless continuant that is not a nasal consonant (especially `l' and `r')

{n: presentness, nowness} the quality of being the present
"a study of the pastness of the present and...of the presentness of the past"- R.E.Spiller
<-> futurity, pastness

{n: radius, r} the length of a line segment between the center and circumference of a circle or sphere

{n: recreational vehicle, RV, R.V.} a motorized wheeled vehicle used for camping or other recreational activities

{n: rhythm and blues, R and B} a combination of blues and jazz that was developed in the United States by Black musicians; an important precursor of rock 'n' roll

{n: roentgen, R} a unit of radiation exposure; the dose of ionizing radiation that will produce 1 electrostatic unit of electricity in 1 cc of dry air

{n: stress, strain} difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension
"she endured the stresses and strains of life"
"he presided over the economy during the period of the greatest stress and danger"- R.J.Samuelson

{n: superficies} the purely external aspect of a thing; superficial appearance
"the audience was held by the substance of the play rather than by the superficies of the production"-R.W.Speaight

{n: token, item} an individual instance of a type of symbol
"the word`error' contains three tokens of `r'"

{n: trill} the articulation of a consonant (especially the consonant `r') with a rapid flutter of the tongue against the palate or uvula
"he pronounced his R's with a distinct trill"

{v: roar} act or proceed in a riotous, turbulent, or disorderly way
"desperadoes from the hills regularly roared in to take over the town"-R.A.Billington

{v: roll} pronounce with a roll, of the phoneme /r/ ; "She rolls her r's"

{v: trill} pronounce with a trill, of the phoneme `r'
"Some speakers trill their r's"

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