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{adj: ostentatious, pretentious} intended to attract notice and impress others
"an ostentatious sable coat"
<-> unostentatious

{adj: sable} of a dark somewhat brownish black

{n: American marten, American sable, Martes americana} valued for its fur

{n: Cape Sable} a cape at the southwest tip of Florida; the southernmost part of the United States mainland

{n: Cape Sable} a promontory on the far southern part of Nova Scotia

{n: Hippotragus, genus Hippotragus} sable antelopes

{n: coal black, ebony, jet black, pitch black, sable, soot black} a very dark black

{n: rigger, rigger brush} a long slender pointed sable brush used by artists

{n: sable antelope, Hippotragus niger} large black East African antelope with sharp backward-curving horns

{n: sable coat} a fur coat made of sable furs

{n: sable, Martes zibellina} marten of northern Asian forests having luxuriant dark brown fur

{n: sable, sable brush, sable's hair pencil} an artist's brush made of sable hairs

{n: sable} a scarf (or trimming) made of sable

{n: sable} the expensive dark brown fur of the marten

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