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{adj: lacking, missing, nonexistent, wanting} not existing
"innovation has been sadly lacking"
"character development is missing from the book"

{adv: deplorably, lamentably, sadly, woefully} in an unfortunate or deplorable manner
"he was sadly neglected"
"it was woefully inadequate"

{adv: happily} in an unexpectedly lucky way
"happily he was not injured"
<-> sadly

{adv: sadly, unhappily} in an unfortunate way
"sadly he died before he could see his grandchild"
<-> happily

{adv: sadly} with sadness; in a sad manner
"`She died last night,' he said sadly"

{n: wistfulness} a sadly pensive longing

{v: sigh, suspire} heave or utter a sigh ; breathe deeply and heavily
"She sighed sadly"

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