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sand dune

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{n: dune buggy, beach buggy} a recreational vehicle with large tires used on beaches or sand dunes

{n: dune cycling} bicycling or motorcycling on sand dunes

{n: dune, sand dune} a ridge of sand created by the wind; found in deserts or near lakes and oceans

{n: northern dune tansy, Tanacetum douglasii} lightly hairy rhizomatous perennial having aromatic feathery leaves and stems bearing open clusters of small buttonlike yellow flowers; sand dunes of Pacific coast of North America

{n: sea lyme grass, European dune grass, Elymus arenarius, Leymus arenaria} a dune grass of the Pacific seacoast used as a sand binder

{n: seif dune} a long and tall sand dune with a sharp crest; common in the Sahara

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