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{n: bean curd, tofu} cheeselike food made of curdled soybean milk

{n: bean sprout} any of various sprouted beans: especially mung beans or lentils or edible soybeans

{n: field soybean} seeds used as livestock feed

{n: green soybean} seeds shelled and cooked as lima beans

{n: oil cake} mass of e.g. linseed or cottonseed or soybean from which the oil has been pressed; used as food for livestock

{n: polyunsaturated fatty acid} an unsaturated fatty acid whose carbon chain has more than one double or triple valence bond per molecule; found chiefly in fish and corn and soybean oil and safflower oil

{n: soy, soya, soybean, soya bean, soybean plant, soja, soja bean, Glycine max} erect bushy hairy annual herb having trifoliate leaves and purple to pink flowers; extensively cultivated for food and forage and soil improvement but especially for its nutritious oil-rich seeds; native to Asia

{n: soy, soybean, soya bean} a source of oil; used for forage and soil improvement and as food

{n: soy, soybean} most highly proteinaceous vegetable crop known

{n: soya milk, soybean milk, soymilk} a milk substitute containing soybean flour and water; used in some infant formulas and in making tofu

{n: soybean future} soybeans bought or sold at an agreed price for delivery at a specified future date

{n: soybean meal, soybean flour, soy flour} meal made from soybeans

{n: soybean oil, soyabean oil} oil from soya beans

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