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{adj: branchiate, gilled} provided with gills
"a gilled tadpole"
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{adj: hypophysectomized, hypophysectomised} having the pituitary gland removed by surgery
"hypophysectomized tadpoles"

{adj: tadpole-like} resembling a tadpole

{adj: tadpole-shaped} shaped in the form of a tadpole

{n: Branchiopoda, subclass Branchiopoda} primitive aquatic mainly freshwater crustaceans: fairy shrimps; brine shrimps; tadpole shrimps; can shrimps; water fleas

{n: appendicularia} free-swimming tadpole-shaped pelagic tunicate resembling larvae of other tunicates

{n: ascidian tadpole} free-swimming larva of ascidians; they have a tail like a tadpole that contains the notochord

{n: cercaria} tadpole-shaped parasitic larva of a trematode worm; tail disappears in adult stage

{n: external gill} occurs in some mollusks and in tadpoles and other immature amphibians

{n: snailfish, seasnail, sea snail, Liparis liparis} small tadpole-shaped cold-water fishes with pelvic fins forming a sucker; related to lumpfish

{n: tadpole shrimp} a kind of branchiopod crustacean

{n: tadpole, polliwog, pollywog} a larval frog or toad

{n: white fungus, Saprolegnia ferax} a fungus that attacks living fish and tadpoles and spawn causing white fungus disease: a coating of white hyphae on especially peripheral parts (as fins)

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