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{adj: atrocious, frightful, horrifying, horrible, ugly} provoking horror
"an atrocious automobile accident"
"a frightful crime of decapitation"
"an alarming, even horrifying, picture"
"war is beyond all words horrible"- Winston Churchill
"an ugly wound"

{adj: baleful, forbidding, menacing, minacious, minatory, ominous, sinister, threatening} threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments
"a baleful look"
"forbidding thunderclouds"
"his tone became menacing"
"ominous rumblings of discontent"
"sinister storm clouds"
"a sinister smile"
"his threatening behavior"
"ugly black clouds"
"the situation became ugly"

{adj: beautiful} delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration
"a beautiful child"
"beautiful country"
"a beautiful painting"
"a beautiful theory"
"a beautiful party"
<-> ugly

{adj: deformed, distorted, ill-shapen, malformed, misshapen} so badly formed or out of shape as to be ugly
"deformed thalidomide babies"
"his poor distorted limbs"
"an ill-shapen vase"
"a limp caused by a malformed foot"
"misshapen old fingers"

{adj: despicable, ugly, vile, slimy, unworthy, worthless, wretched} morally reprehensible
"would do something as despicable as murder"
"ugly crimes"
"the vile development of slavery appalled them"
"a slimy little liar"

{adj: envisioned, pictured, visualized, visualised} seen in the mind as a mental image
"the glory of his envisioned future"
"the snow-covered Alps pictured in her imagination"
"the visualized scene lacked the ugly details of real life"

{adj: fugly} (slang) extremely ugly

{adj: hideous, repulsive} so extremely ugly as to be terrifying
"a hideous scar"
"a repulsive mask"

{adj: surly, ugly} inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace
"a surly waiter"
"an ugly frame of mind"

{adj: ugly} displeasing to the senses
"an ugly face"
"ugly furniture"
<-> beautiful

{adj: wholesome} sound or exhibiting soundness in body or mind
"exercise develops wholesome appetites"
"a grin on his ugly wholesome face"

{adv: architecturally} with regard to architecture
"this building is ugly, but architecturally interesting"

{n: bag, old bag} an ugly or ill-tempered woman
"he was romancing the old bag for her money"

{n: chapter} any distinct period in history or in a person's life
"the industrial revolution opened a new chapter in British history"
"the divorce was an ugly chapter in their relationship"

{n: eyesore} something very ugly and offensive

{n: hag, beldam, beldame, witch, crone} an ugly evil-looking old woman

{n: play, frolic, romp, gambol, caper} gay or light-hearted recreational activity for diversion or amusement
"it was all done in play"
"their frolic in the surf threatened to become ugly"

{n: tough guy, plug-ugly} someone who bullies weaker people

{n: ugly duckling} an ugly or unpromising child who grows into a beautiful or worthy person

{v: canvas} cover with canvas
"She canvassed the walls of her living room so as to conceal the ugly cracks"

{v: do a job on} destroy completely or make ugly or useless
"The dog did a job on my pillow"
"The semastress did a job on my wedding gown"

{v: go} be abolished or discarded
"These ugly billboards have to go!"
"These luxuries all had to go under the Khmer Rouge"

{v: persuade} cause somebody to adopt a certain position, belief, or course of action ; twist somebody's arm
"You can't persuade me to buy this ugly vase!"
<-> dissuade

{v: transform, transmute, metamorphose} change in outward structure or looks
"He transformed into a monster"
"The salesman metamorphosed into an ugly beetle"

{v: uglify} make ugly
<-> beautify

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