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{adj: Cyrillic} relating to or written in the alphabet used for writing Slavic languages
"Cyrillic writing"

{adj: Gothic} characteristic of the style of type commonly used for printing German

{adj: Gram-negative} (of bacteria) being of or relating to a bacterium that does not retain the violet stain used in Gram's method

{adj: Gram-positive} (of bacteria) being or relating to a bacterium that retains the violet stain used in Gram's method

{adj: Modern, New} used of a living language; being the current stage in its development
"Modern English"
"New Hebrew is Israeli Hebrew"

{adj: Nigerian} of or relating to Nigeria
"the Nigerian capital used to be Lagos"

{adj: Reformed} of or relating to the body of Protestant Christianity arising during the Reformation; used of some Protestant churches especially Calvinist as distinct from Lutheran
"Dutch Reformed theology"

{adj: Roman} characteristic of the modern type that most directly represents the type used in ancient Roman inscriptions

{adj: Sapphic} a meter used by Sappho and named after her

{adj: Scots, Scottish, Scotch} of or relating to or characteristic of Scotland or its people or culture or its English dialect or Gaelic language
"Scots Gaelic"
"the Scots community in New York"
"`Scottish' tends to be the more formal term as in `The Scottish Symphony' or `Scottish authors' or `Scottish mountains'"
"`Scotch' is in disfavor with Scottish people and is used primarily outside Scotland except in such frozen phrases as `Scotch broth' or `Scotch whiskey' or `Scotch plaid'"

{adj: Yankee} used by Southerners for an inhabitant of a northern state in the United States (especially a Union soldier)

{adj: abridged} (used of texts) shortened by condensing or rewriting
"an abridged version"
<-> unabridged

{adj: absolute, downright, out-and-out, rank, right-down, sheer} complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers
"absolute freedom"
"an absolute dimwit"
"a downright lie"
"out-and-out mayhem"
"an out-and-out lie"
"a rank outsider"
"many right-down vices"
"got the job through sheer persistence"
"sheer stupidity"

{adj: abused} used improperly or excessively especially drugs
"an abused substance"

{adj: accepted} generally accepted or used
"accepted methods of harmony and melody"
"three accepted types of pump"

{adj: accustomed, customary, habitual, wonted} commonly used or practiced; usual
"his accustomed thoroughness"
"took his customary morning walk"
"his habitual comment"
"with her wonted candor"

{adj: active, dynamic} expressing action rather than a state of being; used of verbs (e.g. `to run') and participial adjectives (e.g. `running' in `running water')
<-> stative

{adj: addlebrained, addlepated, potty, puddingheaded, muddleheaded} stupid and confused; used especially of persons
"blathering like the addlepated nincompoop that you are"
"a confused puddingheaded, muddleheaded fellow"- Isaac Sterne

{adj: addled, befuddled, muddled, muzzy, woolly, wooly, woolly-headed, wooly-minded} confused and vague; used especially of thinking
"muddleheaded ideas"
"your addled little brain"
"woolly thinking"
"woolly-headed ideas"

{adj: adscript, adscripted} (used of persons) bound to a tract of land; hence their service is transferable from owner to owner
"an adscript serf"

{adj: aerobic} based on or using the principles of aerobics; enhancing respiratory and circulatory efficiency
"aerobic dance"
"running is very aerobic"
<-> anaerobic

{adj: afraid} filled with regret or concern; used often to soften an unpleasant statement
"I'm afraid I won't be able to come"
"he was afraid he would have to let her go"
"I'm afraid you're wrong"

{adj: agaze, staring} (used of eyes) open and fixed as if in fear or wonder
"staring eyes"

{adj: aged, cured} (used of tobacco) aging as a preservative process (`aged' is pronounced as one syllable)

{adj: agricultural} relating to or used in or promoting agriculture or farming
"agricultural engineering"
"modern agricultural (or farming) methods"
"agricultural (or farm) equipment"
"an agricultural college"

{adj: akimbo} (used of arms and legs) bent outward with the joint away from the body
"a tailor sitting with legs akimbo"
"stood with arms akimbo"

{adj: all-fired} extreme; used as an intensifier
"why is he in such an all-fired hurry?"

{adj: all-mains} used of a radio receiver that is adaptable to all voltages
"an all-mains set"

{adj: all-out, full-scale} using all available resources
"all-out war"
"a full-scale campaign against nuclear power plants"

{adj: allegorical, allegoric} used in or characteristic of or containing allegory
"allegorical stories"
"an allegorical painting of Victory leading an army"

{adj: alloyed} (used of metals) blended to obtain a desired property

{adj: alloyed} (used of metals) debased by mixture with an inferior element

{adj: all} quantifier; used with either mass or count nouns to indicate the whole number or amount of or every one of a class
"we sat up all night"
"ate all the food"
"all men are mortal"
"all parties are welcome"
<-> some, no

{adj: alphabetic, alphabetical} relating to or expressed by a writing system that uses an alphabet
"alphabetical writing system"
<-> analphabetic

{adj: analytic, analytical} using or skilled in using analysis (i.e., separating a whole--intellectual or substantial--into its elemental parts or basic principles)
"an analytic experiment"
"an analytic approach"
"a keenly analytic man"
"analytical reasoning"
"an analytical mind"
<-> synthetic

{adj: analytic, uninflected} expressing a grammatical category by using two or more words rather than inflection
<-> synthetic

{adj: analytic} using or subjected to a methodology using algebra and calculus
"analytic statics"

{adj: annealed} made less brittle by heating and then cooling
"used annealed paving blocks"

{adj: antagonistic, incompatible} used especially of drugs or muscles that counteract or neutralize each other's effect
<-> synergistic

{adj: anticancer, antineoplastic, antitumor, antitumour} used in the treatment of cancer
"anticancer drug"
"an antineoplastic effect"

{adj: antifouling} (used of e.g. coatings) protecting against accumulation of barnacles etc on underwater surfaces
"antifouling paint"
"antifouling chemicals"

{adj: appareled, attired, dressed, garbed, garmented, habilimented, robed} dressed or clothed especially in fine attire; often used in combination
"the elegantly attired gentleman"
"neatly dressed workers"
"monks garbed in hooded robes"
"went about oddly garmented"
"professors robed in crimson"
"tuxedo-attired gentlemen"
"crimson-robed Harvard professors"

{adj: appellative} pertaining to or dealing with or used as a common noun

{adj: applied} that are used
"an isotropic resonance shift...to lower applied fields"

{adj: appraising, evaluative} exercising or involving careful evaluations
"looked him over with an appraising eye"
"the literary judge uses many evaluative terms"

{adj: apprehensive, worried} mentally upset over possible misfortune or danger etc
"apprehensive about her job"
"not used to a city and worried about small things"
"felt apprehensive about the consequences"

{adj: appropriated, condemned, confiscate, confiscated, seized, taken over} taken without permission or consent especially by public authority
"the condemned land was used for a highway cloverleaf"
"the confiscated liquor was poured down the drain"

{adj: arcadian, bucolic, pastoral, rustic} used of idealized country life
"a country life of arcadian contentment"
"a pleasant bucolic scene"
"charming in its pastoral setting"
"rustic tranquility"

{adj: arch, condescending, patronizing, patronising} (used of behavior or attitude) characteristic of those who treat others with condescension

{adj: archean, archaean} used of the earliest known rocks

{adj: armed} (used of persons or the military) characterized by having or bearing arms
"armed robbery"
<-> unarmed

{adj: armed} (used of plants and animals) furnished with bristles and thorns
<-> unarmed

{adj: armed} having arms or arms as specified; used especially in combination
"the many-armed goddess Shiva"
<-> armless

{adj: armored, armoured} protected by armor (used of persons or things military)
<-> unarmored

{adj: armored, armoured} used of animals; provided with protective covering
<-> unarmored

{adj: arrant, complete, consummate, double-dyed, everlasting, gross, perfect, pure, sodding, stark, staring, thoroughgoing, utter, unadulterated} without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers
"an arrant fool"
"a complete coward"
"a consummate fool"
"a double-dyed villain"
"gross negligence"
"a perfect idiot"
"pure folly"
"what a sodding mess"
"stark staring mad"
"a thoroughgoing villain"
"utter nonsense"
"the unadulterated truth"

{adj: aseptic, sterile} free of or using methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms
"a sterile operating area"
"aseptic surgical instruments"
"aseptic surgical techniques"

{adj: askance, askant, asquint, squint, squint-eyed, squinty, sidelong} (used especially of glances) directed to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy
"her eyes with their misted askance look"- Elizabeth Bowen
"sidelong glances"

{adj: assisted, aided} having help; often used as a combining form
<-> unassisted

{adj: atonic, unaccented} used of syllables
"an atonic syllable carries no stress"
<-> tonic

{adj: attached} used of buildings joined by common sidewalls
"a block of attached houses"
<-> detached

{adj: attributive genitive} a word in the genitive case used as an attributive adjective
"an example of the attributive genitive is `John's' in `John's mother'"

{adj: away} used of an opponent's ground
"an away game"
<-> home

{adj: aweigh} (used of an anchor) hanging clear of the bottom
"anchors aweigh"

{adj: axenic} used of cultures of microorganisms; not contaminated by or completely free of the presence of other organisms
"an axenic culture"

{adj: bacchanalian, bacchanal, bacchic, carousing, orgiastic} used of riotously drunken merrymaking
"a night of bacchanalian revelry"
"carousing bands of drunken soldiers"
"orgiastic festivity"

{adj: backed} used of film that is coated on the side opposite the emulsion with a substance to absorb light

{adj: backswept, sweptback} used of hair

{adj: backward} (used of temperament or behavior) marked by a retiring nature
"a backward lover"
<-> forward

{adj: bad, tough} feeling physical discomfort or pain (`tough' is occasionally used colloquially for `bad')
"my throat feels bad"
"she felt bad all over"
"he was feeling tough after a restless night"

{adj: ball-hawking} used of a player skilled in stealing the ball or robbing a batter of a hit
"a ball-hawking center fielder"

{adj: bally, blinking, bloody, blooming, crashing, flaming, fucking} (used of persons) informal intensifiers
"what a bally (or blinking) nuisance"
"a bloody fool"
"a crashing bore"
"you flaming idiot"

{adj: balmy, barmy, bats, batty, bonkers, buggy, cracked, crackers, daft, dotty, fruity, haywire, kooky, kookie, loco, loony, loopy, nuts, nutty, round the bend, around the bend, wacky, whacky} informal or slang terms for mentally irregular
"it used to drive my husband balmy"

{adj: bare-assed, bare-ass, in the altogether, in the buff, in the raw, raw, peeled, naked as a jaybird, stark naked} (used informally) completely unclothed

{adj: based, founded} having a basis; often used as combining terms
"a soundly based argument"
"a computer-based system"
"well-founded suspicions"

{adj: based} having a base of operations (often used as a combining form)
"a locally based business"
"an Atlanta-based company"
"carrier-based planes"

{adj: base} (used of metals) consisting of or alloyed with inferior metal
"base coins of aluminum"
"a base metal"

{adj: bay} (used of animals especially a horse) of a moderate reddish-brown color

{adj: beggarly, mean} (used of sums of money) so small in amount as to deserve contempt

{adj: bellied} having a belly; often used in combination
<-> bellyless

{adj: belt-fed} using belted ammunition

{adj: bended, bent} used of the back and knees; stooped
"on bended knee"
"with bent (or bended) back"

{adj: bent, bowed, inclined} used especially of the head or upper back
"a bent head and sloping shoulders"

{adj: bespattered, spattered, besplashed, splashed} spattered or spotted with dirt or filth; often used in combination
"dingy bespattered walls"
"a grease-spattered floor"
"a besplashed coach"
"mud-splashed trouser legs"

{adj: bifilar} having or using two filaments
"a bifilar suspension of a waving part of an instrument"

{adj: bigheaded, persnickety, snooty, snot-nosed, snotty, stuck-up, too big for one's breeches, uppish} (used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant
"a snotty little scion of a degenerate family"-Laurent Le Sage
"they're snobs--stuck-up and uppity and persnickety"

{adj: bilabial} of or relating to or being a speech sound that is articulated using both lips
"bilabial fricatives"

{adj: bilingual} using or knowing two languages
"bilingual education"

{adj: biting, bitter} causing a sharply painful or stinging sensation; used especially of cold
"bitter cold"
"a biting wind"

{adj: bitty, bittie, teensy, teentsy, teeny, wee, weeny, weensy, teensy-weensy, teeny-weeny, itty-bitty, itsy-bitsy} (used informally) very small
"a wee tot"

{adj: bivalent, double} used of homologous chromosomes associated in pairs in synapsis
<-> multivalent, univalent

{adj: bivalve, bivalved} used of mollusks having two shells (as clams etc.)
<-> univalve

{adj: bizonal} relating to or concerned with the combined affairs of two administrative zones
"Bizonal currency was used in occupied Germany after World War II"

{adj: black, disgraceful, ignominious, inglorious, opprobrious, shameful} (used of conduct or character) deserving or bringing disgrace or shame
"Man...has written one of his blackest records as a destroyer on the oceanic islands"- Rachel Carson
"an ignominious retreat"
"inglorious defeat"
"an opprobrious monument to human greed"
"a shameful display of cowardice"

{adj: bladed} bearing or characterized by a blade or sword; often used in combination
"he fought on, broken-bladed but unbowed"

{adj: bladed} having a blade or blades; often used in combination
"a single-bladed leaf"
"narrow-bladed grass"

{adj: blasted, blame, blamed, blessed, damn, damned, darned, deuced, goddam, goddamn, goddamned, infernal} expletives used informally as intensifiers
"he's a blasted idiot"
"it's a blamed shame"
"a blame cold winter"
"not a blessed dime"
"I'll be damned (or blessed or darned or goddamned) if I'll do any such thing"
"he's a damn (or goddam or goddamned) fool"
"a deuced idiot"
"an infernal nuisance"

{adj: bleached, colored, coloured, dyed} (used of color) artificially produced; not natural
"a bleached blonde"

{adj: blessed, blessed with, endued with} having good fortune bestowed or conferred upon; sometimes used as in combination
"blessed with a strong healthy body"
"a nation blessed with peace"
"a peace-blessed era"

{adj: blockheaded, boneheaded, fatheaded, loggerheaded, thick, thickheaded, thick-skulled, wooden-headed} used informally

{adj: blowsy, blowzy, slatternly, sluttish} characteristic of or befitting a slut or slattern; used especially of women

{adj: blue} used to signify the Union forces in the American Civil War (who wore blue uniforms)
"a ragged blue line"

{adj: blunt} used of a knife or other blade; not sharp
"a blunt instrument"

{adj: bodied} having a body or a body of a specified kind; often used in combination
<-> unbodied

{adj: booming, stentorian} used of the voice

{adj: bordered} having a border especially of a specified kind; sometimes used as a combining term
"black-bordered handkerchief"
<-> unbordered

{adj: borne in upon} caused to be realized
"it was borne in upon us how close we had been to disaster"

{adj: bosomed} having a bosom as specified or having something likened to a bosom; usually used in compounds
"full-bosomed women"
"the green-bosomed earth"

{adj: both} (used with count nouns) two considered together; the two
"both girls are pretty"

{adj: bouffant, puffy} being puffed out; used of hair style or clothing
"a bouffant skirt"

{adj: bound, destined} headed or intending to head in a certain direction; often used as a combining form as in `college-bound students'
"children bound for school"
"a flight destined for New York"

{adj: bound} secured with a cover or binding; often used as a combining form
"bound volumes"
"leather-bound volumes"
<-> unbound

{adj: brainless, headless} not using intelligence

{adj: bratty, brattish} (used of an ill-mannered child) impolitely unruly

{adj: breasted} having a breast or breasts; or breasts as specified; used chiefly in compounds
"red-breasted sandpiper"
<-> breastless

{adj: breathing, eupneic, eupnoeic} passing or able to pass air in and out of the lungs normally; sometimes used in combination
"the boy was disappointed to find only skeletons instead of living breathing dinosaurs"
"the heavy-breathing person on the telephone"
<-> breathless

{adj: brindled, brindle, brinded, tabby} having a grey or brown streak or a pattern or a patchy coloring; used especially of the patterned fur of cats

{adj: broad, unsubtle} lacking subtlety; obvious
"gave us a broad hint that it was time to leave"

{adj: built, reinforced} (used of soaps or cleaning agents) having a substance (an abrasive or filler) added to increase effectiveness
"the built liquid detergents"

{adj: bumper-to-bumper} used of traffic
"bumper-to-bumper traffic"

{adj: burned, burnt} ruined by overcooking
"she served us underdone bacon and burnt biscuits"

{adj: burning} consuming fuel; used in combination
"coal-burning (or wood-burning) stoves"

{adj: bushy, shaggy, shaggy-haired, shaggy-coated} used of hair; thick and poorly groomed
"bushy locks"
"a shaggy beard"

{adj: butch, macho} used of men; markedly masculine in appearance or manner

{adj: calced, shod} used of certain religious orders who wear shoes
<-> discalced

{adj: calculating, calculative, conniving, scheming, shrewd} used of persons
"the most calculating and selfish men in the community"

{adj: calendric, calendrical} relating to or characteristic of or used in a calendar or time measurement
"calendric systems"
"solstice is a time of calendric importance"

{adj: calorifacient} producing heat; usually used of foods
"calorifacient chili peppers"

{adj: calumniatory, calumnious, defamatory, denigrative, denigrating, denigratory, libellous, libelous, slanderous} (used of statements) harmful and often untrue; tending to discredit or malign

{adj: calved} (used of cattle especially domestic cattle) born

{adj: candied, crystalized, crystalised, glace} (used especially of fruits) preserved by coating with or allowing to absorb sugar

{adj: capped} used especially of front teeth having artificial crowns
"capped teeth gave her a beautiful smile"

{adj: capsulate, capsulated} used of seeds or spores that are enclosed in a capsule

{adj: cardiologic} of or relating to or used in or practicing cardiology
"cardiologic evidence"

{adj: carnivorous} (used of plants as well as animals) feeding on animals
"carnivorous plants are capable of trapping and digesting small animals especially insects"
<-> herbivorous, omnivorous, insectivorous

{adj: carpeted} covered with or as if with carpeting or with carpeting as specified; often used in combination
"the carpeted hallway"
"a flower-carpeted hillside"
<-> uncarpeted

{adj: case-hardened, hardened, hard-boiled} used of persons; emotionally hardened
"faced a case-hardened judge"

{adj: celebratory} used for celebrating

{adj: central} used in the description of a place that in the middle of another place
"the people of Central and Northern Europe"
"country in central Africa"

{adj: chapfallen, chopfallen, crestfallen, deflated} brought low in spirit
"left us fatigued and deflated spiritually"

{adj: chapped, cracked, roughened} used of skin roughened as a result of cold or exposure
"chapped lips"

{adj: charming, magic, magical, sorcerous, witching, wizard, wizardly} possessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers
"charming incantations"
"magic signs that protect against adverse influence"
"a magical spell"
"'tis now the very witching time of night"- Shakespeare
"wizard wands"
"wizardly powers"

{adj: cheating, dirty, foul, unsporting, unsportsmanlike} violating accepted standards or rules
"a dirty fighter"
"used foul means to gain power"
"a nasty unsporting serve"
"fined for unsportsmanlike behavior"

{adj: chemical, chemic} relating to or used in chemistry
"chemical engineer"
"chemical balance"

{adj: chemical} of or made from or using substances produced by or used in reactions involving atomic or molecular changes
"chemical fertilizer"

{adj: chummy, buddy-buddy, thick} (used informally) associated on close terms
"a close friend"
"the bartender was chummy with the regular customers"
"the two were thick as thieves for months"

{adj: chummy, matey, pally, palsy-walsy} (used colloquially) having the relationship of friends or pals

{adj: cinerary} containing or used for ashes of the cremated dead
"a cinerary urn"

{adj: class-conscious, stratified} (used of society) socially hierarchical
"American society is becoming increasingly stratified"

{adj: clawed} having a claw or claws; often used as a combining form

{adj: clayey, cloggy, heavy} (used of soil) compact and fine-grained
"the clayey soil was heavy and easily saturated"

{adj: clear} clear to the mind
"a clear and present danger"
"a clear explanation"
"a clear case of murder"
"a clear indication that she was angry"
"gave us a clear idea of human nature"
<-> unclear

{adj: clear} free from confusion or doubt
"a complex problem requiring a clear head"
"not clear about what is expected of us"

{adj: clement} (used of persons or behavior) inclined to show mercy
"a more clement judge reduced the sentence"
<-> inclement

{adj: closed, shut} used especially of mouth or eyes
"he sat quietly with closed eyes"
"his eyes were shut against the sunlight"
<-> open

{adj: close} used of hair or haircuts
"a close military haircut"

{adj: clothed, clad} wearing or provided with clothing; sometimes used in combination
"clothed and in his right mind"- Bible
"proud of her well-clothed family"
"nurses clad in white"
"white-clad nurses"
<-> unclothed

{adj: cloven, cleft, bisulcate} used of hooves

{adj: cloze} based on or being a test of reading skill using the cloze procedure

{adj: coarse, common} of low or inferior quality or value
"of what coarse metal ye are molded"- Shakespeare
"produced...the common cloths used by the poorer population"

{adj: coated} having a coating; covered with an outer layer or film; often used in combination
"coated paper has a smooth polished coating especially suitable for halftone printing"
"sugar-coated pills"
<-> uncoated

{adj: cold} used of physical coldness; having a low or inadequate temperature or feeling a sensation of coldness or having been made cold by e.g. ice or refrigeration
"a cold climate"
"a cold room"
"dinner has gotten cold"
"cold fingers"
"if you are cold, turn up the heat"
"a cold beer"
<-> hot

{adj: colored, coloured, colorful} having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination
"colored crepe paper"
"the film was in color"
"amber-colored heads of grain"
<-> uncolored

{adj: columned} having or resembling columns; having columns of a specified kind (often used as a combining form)
"a columned portico"
"trees with columned trunks"
"white-columned houses"
<-> noncolumned

{adj: commanding, dominating, overlooking} used of a height or viewpoint
"a commanding view of the ocean"
"looked up at the castle dominating the countryside"
"the balcony overlooking the ballroom"

{adj: commercial} connected with or engaged in or sponsored by or used in commerce or commercial enterprises
"commercial trucker"
"commercial TV"
"commercial diamonds"
<-> noncommercial

{adj: commercial} of the kind or quality used in commerce; average or inferior
"commercial grade of beef"
"commercial oxalic acid"

{adj: communicational} used in communication
"he had few communicational grooves available for use"

{adj: compatible} capable of being used with or connected to other devices or components without modification
<-> incompatible

{adj: complaisant, obliging} showing a cheerful willingness to do favors for others
"to close one's eyes like a complaisant husband whose wife has taken a lover"
"the obliging waiter was in no hurry for us to leave"

{adj: condign} fitting or appropriate and deserved; used especially of punishment
"condign censure"

{adj: congenial} used of plants; capable of cross-fertilization or of being grafted

{adj: considerable} large or relatively large in number or amount or extent or degree
"a considerable quantity"
"the economy was a considerable issue in the campaign"
"went to considerable trouble for us"
"spent a considerable amount of time on the problem"
<-> inconsiderable

{adj: considerate} showing concern for the rights and feelings of others
"friends considerate enough to leave us alone"
<-> inconsiderate

{adj: consumable} may be used up

{adj: consumed, used-up, used up} completely used up

{adj: consumptive} tending to consume or use often wastefully
"water suitable for beneficial consumptive uses"
"duties consumptive of time and energy"
"consumptive fires"
<-> generative

{adj: continual} `continual' (meaning seemingly uninterrupted) is often used interchangeably with `continuous' (meaning without interruption)

{adj: conventionalized, conventionalised, stylized, stylised} using artistic forms and conventions to create effects; not natural or spontaneous
"a stylized mode of theater production"

{adj: conventional} (weapons) using energy for propulsion or destruction that is not nuclear energy
"conventional warfare"
"conventional weapons"
<-> nuclear

{adj: cool} (color) inducing the impression of coolness; used especially of greens and blues and violets
"cool greens and blues and violets"
<-> warm

{adj: cool} (used of a number or sum) without exaggeration or qualification
"a cool million bucks"

{adj: cordial, hearty} showing warm and heartfelt friendliness
"gave us a cordial reception"
"a hearty welcome"

{adj: corned, cured} (used especially of meat) cured in brine

{adj: corroborant} used of a medicine that is strengthening

{adj: couth} (used facetiously) refined

{adj: covered} overlaid or spread or topped with or enclosed within something; sometimes used as a combining form
"women with covered faces"
"covered wagons"
"a covered balcony"
<-> bare

{adj: crank, cranky, tender, tippy} (used of boats) inclined to heel over easily under sail

{adj: creaseless, uncreased} used especially of fabrics
"uncreased trousers"

{adj: crested, topknotted, tufted} (of a bird or animal) having a usually ornamental tuft or process on the head; often used in combination
"golden crested"
"crested iris"
"crested oriole"
"tufted duck"
"tufted loosestrife"

{adj: cropped} (of land or soil) used for growing crops
"cropped soil"

{adj: crowned} provided with or as if with a crown or a crown as specified; often used in combination
"a high-crowned hat"
"an orange-crowned bird"
"a crowned signet ring"
<-> uncrowned

{adj: crushing, devastating} physically or spiritually devastating; often used in combination
"a crushing blow"
"a crushing rejection"

{adj: culinary} of or relating to or used in cooking

{adj: cured, vulcanized, vulcanised} (used of rubber) treated by a chemical or physical process to improve its properties (hardness and strength and odor and elasticity)

{adj: cured} (used of concrete or mortar) kept moist to assist the hardening

{adj: cured} (used of hay e.g.) allowed to dry

{adj: cursed, curst} deserving a curse; sometimes used as an intensifier
"villagers shun the area believing it to be cursed"
"cursed with four daughter"
"not a cursed drop"
"his cursed stupidity"
"I'll be cursed if I can see your reasoning"
<-> blessed

{adj: cut, slashed} (used of rates or prices) reduced usually sharply
"the slashed prices attracted buyers"

{adj: dabbled, spattered, splashed, splattered} covered with bright patches (often used in combination)
"waves dabbled with moonlight"
"a blood-spattered room"
"gardens splashed with color"
"kitchen walls splattered with grease"

{adj: damn, goddamn} used as expletives
"oh, damn (or goddamn)!"

{adj: dark} (used of color) having a dark hue
"dark green"
"dark glasses"
"dark colors like wine red or navy blue"
<-> light

{adj: dark} brunet (used of hair or skin or eyes)
"dark eyes"

{adj: debasing, degrading} used of conduct; characterized by dishonor

{adj: deckled, deckle-edged, featheredged} having a rough edge; used of handmade paper or paper resembling handmade

{adj: deep-rooted, deep-seated, implanted, ingrained, planted} (used especially of ideas or principles) deeply rooted; firmly fixed or held
"deep-rooted prejudice"
"deep-seated differences of opinion"
"implanted convictions"
"ingrained habits of a lifetime"
"a deeply planted need"

{adj: deep} having great spatial extension or penetration downward or inward from an outer surface or backward or laterally or outward from a center; sometimes used in combination
"a deep well"
"a deep dive"
"deep water"
"a deep casserole"
"a deep gash"
"deep massage"
"deep pressure receptors in muscles"
"deep shelves"
"a deep closet"
"surrounded by a deep yard"
"hit the ball to deep center field"
"in deep space"
<-> shallow

{adj: deserving, meriting, worth} having sufficient worth
"an idea worth considering"
"a cause deserving or meriting support"
"the deserving poor" (often used ironically)

{adj: detached} used of buildings; standing apart from others
"detached houses"
"a detached garage"
<-> attached

{adj: developed, highly-developed} (used of societies) having high industrial development
"developed countries"

{adj: devious, oblique} indirect in departing from the accepted or proper way; misleading
"used devious means to achieve success"
"gave oblique answers to direct questions"
"oblique political maneuvers"

{adj: diachronic, historical} used of the study of a phenomenon (especially language) as it changes through time
"diachronic linguistics"
<-> synchronic

{adj: diadromous} (used of fish) migratory between fresh and salt waters
<-> anadromous, catadromous

{adj: diagnostic} concerned with diagnosis; used for furthering diagnosis
"a diagnostic clinic"
"a diagnostic reading test"
"diagnostic information"

{adj: diatonic} based on or using the five tones and two semitones of the major or minor scales of Western music

{adj: direct, verbatim} in precisely the same words used by a writer or speaker
"a direct quotation"
"repeated their dialog verbatim"

{adj: directed} (often used in combination) having a specified direction
"a positively directed vector"

{adj: dirty, dingy, muddied, muddy} (of color) discolored by impurities; not bright and clear
"dirty" is often used in combination
"a dirty (or dingy) white"
"the muddied grey of the sea"
"muddy colors"
"dirty-green walls"
"dirty-blonde hair"

{adj: discalced, discalceate, unshod} (used of certain religious orders) barefoot or wearing only sandals
"discalced friars"
<-> calced

{adj: discretionary, discretional} having or using the ability to act or decide according to your own discretion or judgment
"The commission has discretionary power to award extra funds"

{adj: disjunct} used of distributions, as of statistical or natural populations
"disjunct distribution of king crabs"

{adj: distended, swollen} abnormally expanded or increased in size; (`swollen' is sometimes used in combination)
"distended wineskins"
"the need to clean out swollen inventories"
"the raisins were plump and soft and swollen from being soaked"
"huge blood-swollen mosquitoes"

{adj: distinct, distinguishable} (often followed by `from') not alike; different in nature or quality
"plants of several distinct types"
"the word `nationalism' is used in at least two distinct senses"
"gold is distinct from iron"
"a tree related to but quite distinct from the European beech"
"management had interests quite distinct from those of their employees"

{adj: distinguished, eminent} (used of persons) standing above others in character or attainment or reputation
"our distinguished professor"
"an eminent scholar"
"a great statesman"

{adj: distinguished, grand, imposing, magisterial} used of a person's appearance or behavior; befitting an eminent person
"his distinguished bearing"
"the monarch's imposing presence"
"she reigned in magisterial beauty"

{adj: double} used of flowers having more than the usual number of petals in crowded or overlapping arrangements
"double chrysanthemums have many rows of petals and are usually spherical or hemispherical"
<-> single

{adj: dramatic} used of a singer or singing voice that is marked by power and expressiveness and a histrionic or theatrical style
"a dramatic tenor"
"a dramatic soprano"
<-> lyric

{adj: drawn-out} (used of speech) uttered slowly with prolonged vowels

{adj: drawn} used of vehicles pulled forward (often used in combination)
"horse-drawn vehicles"

{adj: drenched, drenched in} abundantly covered or supplied with; often used in combination
"drenched in moonlight"
"moon-drenched meadows"

{adj: dried-up, sere, sear, shriveled, shrivelled, withered} (used especially of vegetation) having lost all moisture
"dried-up grass"
"the desert was edged with sere vegetation"
"shriveled leaves on the unwatered seedlings"
"withered vines"

{adj: drip-dry, permanent-press} used of fabrics that do not require ironing
"drip-dry shirts for travel"

{adj: dropped} (used of a mammal) born

{adj: drug-free} characteristic of a person not taking illegal drugs or of a place where no illegal drugs are used

{adj: dry} used of solid substances in contrast with liquid ones
"dry weight"

{adj: duplex} (used technically of a device or process) having two parts
"a duplex transaction"

{adj: each} (used of count nouns) every one considered individually
"each person is mortal"
"each party is welcome"

{adj: eared} having ears (or appendages resembling ears) or having ears of a specified kind; often used in combination
<-> earless

{adj: early} of an early stage in the development of a language or literature
"the Early Hebrew alphabetical script is that used mainly from the 11th to the 6th centuries B.C."
"Early Modern English is represented in documents printed from 1476 to 1700"
<-> middle, late

{adj: easterly, eastern} from the east; used especially of winds
"an eastern wind"
"the winds are easterly"

{adj: economic, economical} using the minimum of time or resources necessary for effectiveness
"an economic use of home heating oil"
"a modern economical heating system"
"an economical use of her time"

{adj: economical, frugal, scotch, sparing, stinting} avoiding waste
"an economical meal"
"an economical shopper"
"a frugal farmer"
"a frugal lunch"
"a sparing father and a spending son"
"sparing in their use of heat and light"
"stinting in bestowing gifts"
"thrifty because they remember the great Depression"
"`scotch' is used only informally"

{adj: edged} having a cutting edge or especially an edge or edges as specified; often used in combination
"an edged knife"
"a two-edged sword"

{adj: eightpenny} used of nail size; 2 1/2 in or 6.4 cm long

{adj: elder, older, sr.} used of the older of two persons of the same name especially used to distinguish a father from his son
"Bill Adams, Sr."

{adj: electric, electrical} using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity
"electric current"
"electric wiring"
"electrical appliances"
"an electrical storm"

{adj: electronic} of or relating to electronics; concerned with or using devices that operate on principles governing the behavior of electrons
"electronic devices"

{adj: elocutionary} (used of style of speaking) overly embellished
"an elocutionary Oxonian delivery"

{adj: encircled, ringed, wreathed} adorned or crowned with a circlet; sometimes used as combining forms
"a brow encircled with laurel"
"wreathed in an extraordinary luminescence"
"ringed round with daisies"

{adj: engaged, meshed, intermeshed} (used of toothed parts or gears) interlocked and interacting
"the gears are engaged"
"meshed gears"
"intermeshed twin rotors"

{adj: entire, intact} (used of domestic animals) sexually competent
"an entire horse"

{adj: essential} absolutely required and not to be used up or sacrificed

{adj: evaporable, vaporific, vapourific, vaporizable, vapourisable, volatilizable, volatilisable} (used of substances) capable of being volatilized

{adj: every last} (used as intensive) every
"every last one of you"

{adj: every} (used of count nouns) each and all of the members of a group considered singly and without exception
"every person is mortal"
"every party is welcome"
"had every hope of success"
"every chance of winning"

{adj: evidenced} supported by evidence
"their evidenced friendliness to the US"

{adj: exceptionable, objectionable} liable to objection or debate; used of something one might take exception to
"a thoroughly unpleasant highly exceptionable piece of writing"
"found the politician's views objectionable"

{adj: exceptional} deviating widely from a norm of physical or mental ability; used especially of children below normal in intelligence
"special educational provisions for exceptional children"

{adj: exhaustible} capable of being used up
<-> inexhaustible

{adj: exhaustible} capable of being used up; capable of being exhausted
"our exhaustible reserves of fossil fuel"

{adj: expeditionary} (used of military forces) designed for military operations abroad
"the French expeditionary force in Indochina"

{adj: expendable, spendable} (used of funds) remaining after taxes
"spendable income"

{adj: exploited, ill-used, put-upon, used, victimized, victimised} of persons; taken advantage of
"after going out of his way to help his friend get the job he felt not appreciated but used"

{adj: exploited} developed or used to greatest advantage
<-> unexploited

{adj: extensive} of agriculture; increasing productivity by using large areas with minimal outlay and labor
"producing wheat under extensive conditions"
"agriculture of the extensive type"
<-> intensive

{adj: extremist, radical, ultra} (used of opinions and actions) far beyond the norm
"extremist political views"
"radical opinions on education"
"an ultra conservative"

{adj: eyed} having an eye or eyes or eyelike feature especially as specified; often used in combination
"a peacock's eyed feathers"
<-> eyeless

{adj: fabian, dilatory} using cautious slow strategy to wear down opposition; avoiding direct confrontation
"a fabian policy"

{adj: fabricated, fancied, fictional, fictitious, invented, made-up} formed or conceived by the imagination
"a fabricated excuse for his absence"
"a fancied wrong"
"a fictional character"
"used fictitious names"
"a made-up story"

{adj: faced} having a face or facing especially of a specified kind or number; often used in combination
"a neatly faced terrace"
<-> faceless

{adj: fair, fairish} (used of hair or skin) pale or light-colored
"a fair complexion";

{adj: false, untrue} (used especially of persons) not dependable in devotion or affection; unfaithful
"a false friend"
"when lovers prove untrue"

{adj: fantastic, grand, howling, marvelous, marvellous, rattling, terrific, tremendous, wonderful, wondrous} extraordinarily good; used especially as intensifiers
"a fantastic trip to the Orient"
"the film was fantastic!"
"a howling success"
"a marvelous collection of rare books"
"had a rattling conversation about politics"
"a tremendous achievement"

{adj: fast} (used of timepieces) indicating a time ahead of or later than the correct time
"my watch is fast"
<-> slow

{adj: fattening} subject to or used in the process of finishing or fattening up for slaughter
"a fattening hog"
"fattening pens"

{adj: featured} having facial features as specified; usually used in combination
"a grim-featured man"

{adj: felted} made by combining fibers with a binder using heat and pressure
"felt is a felted cloth"

{adj: fewer} (comparative of `few' used with count nouns) quantifier meaning a smaller number of
"fewer birds came this year"
"the birds are fewer this year"
"fewer trains were late"
<-> more

{adj: fewest} (superlative of `few' used with count nouns and usually preceded by `the') quantifier meaning the smallest in number
"the fewest birds in recent memory"
<-> most

{adj: few} a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `a'; a small but indefinite number
"a few weeks ago"
"a few more wagons than usual"
"an invalid's pleasures are few and far between"
"few roses were still blooming"
"few women have led troops in battle"
<-> many

{adj: fiducial} used as a fixed standard of reference for comparison or measurement
"a fiducial point"

{adj: figurative, nonliteral} (used of the meanings of words or text) not literal; using figures of speech
"figurative language"
<-> literal

{adj: filled} (usually followed by `with' or used as a combining form) generously supplied with
"theirs was a house filled with laughter"
"a large hall filled with rows of desks"
"fog-filled air"

{adj: filmable} (used of a story or literary work) capable of being adapted to motion picture form

{adj: fingered} having or resembling a finger or fingers; often used in combination
"the fingered roots of giant trees"
"three-fingered cartoon characters"
<-> fingerless

{adj: flash-frozen, quick-frozen, frozen} (used of foods) preserved by freezing sufficiently rapidly to retain flavor and nutritional value
"frozen foods"

{adj: flashy, gaudy, jazzy, showy, sporty} (used especially of clothes) marked by conspicuous display

{adj: fledged, mature} (of birds) having developed feathers or plumage; often used in combination
<-> unfledged

{adj: flipper-like} having limbs that are used as flippers

{adj: flying} done swiftly in or as if in the air; used e.g. of a racing start in which runners are already in motion as they cross the starting line
"a flying start"
"crossed the goal line with a flying leap"

{adj: foaled} (used of a horse or related animal) born

{adj: fogyish, moss-grown, mossy, stick-in-the-mud, stodgy} (used pejoratively) out of fashion; old fashioned
"moss-grown ideas about family life"

{adj: foliate} (often used as a combining form) having or resembling a leaf or having a specified kind or number of leaves
"`foliate' is combined with the prefix `tri' to form the word `trifoliate'"

{adj: foliolate} (often used as a combining form) having leaflets (compound leaves) or a specified kind or number of leaflets
"`foliolate' is combined with the prefix `bi' to form the word `bifoliolate'"

{adj: forensic} of, relating to, or used in courts of law or public debate or argument

{adj: former, late, previous} (used especially of persons) of the immediate past
"the former president"
"our late President is still very active"
"the previous occupant of the White House"

{adj: forte, loud} used chiefly as a direction or description in music
"the forte passages in the composition"
<-> piano

{adj: forward} used of temperament or behavior; lacking restraint or modesty
"a forward child badly in need of discipline"
<-> backward

{adj: foul-mouthed, foul-spoken} using foul or obscene language
"noisy foul-mouthed women all shouting at once"

{adj: fourpenny} used of nail size; 1 3/8 in or 3.8 cm long

{adj: free-and-easy, casual} natural and unstudied
"using their Christian names in a casual way"
"lectured in a free-and-easy style"

{adj: frequent} frequently encountered
"a frequent (or common) error is using the transitive verb `lay' for the intransitive `lie'";

{adj: fresh, unused} not yet used or soiled
"a fresh shirt"
"a fresh sheet of paper"
"an unused envelope"

{adj: freshman, first-year} used of a person in the first year of an experience (especially in United States high school or college)
"a freshman senator"
"freshman year in high school or college"

{adj: friable, light, sandy} (used of soil) loose and large-grained in consistency
"light sandy soil"

{adj: fringed} surrounded as with a border or fringe; sometimes used in combination
"a large suburban community...fringed by an industrial area"
"a grass-fringed stream"

{adj: gamey, gamy, high} (used of the smell of meat) smelling spoiled or tainted

{adj: garnished} having decorative or flavorful additions; sometimes used in combination
"a whole salmon garnished with lemon slices"
"parsley-garnished potatoes"

{adj: gestural, sign, signed, sign-language} used of the language of the deaf

{adj: gibbous, gibbose} (used of the moon) more than half full

{adj: ginger, gingery} (used especially of hair or fur) having a bright orange-brown color
"a man with gingery hair and bright blue eyes"
"a ginger kitten"

{adj: given birth} (used especially of human beings) born

{adj: glassy, glazed} (used of eyes) lacking liveliness
"empty eyes"
"a glassy stare"
"his eyes were glazed over with boredom"

{adj: glassy, vitreous, vitrified} (of ceramics) having the surface made shiny and nonporous by fusing a vitreous solution to it
"glazed pottery"
"glassy porcelain"
"hard vitreous china used for plumbing fixtures"

{adj: gnarled, gnarly, knotted, knotty, knobbed} used of old persons or old trees; covered with knobs or knots
"gnarled and knotted hands"
"a knobbed stick"

{adj: gnomish} used of small deformed creatures

{adj: go-to-meeting, Sunday-go-to-meeting} used of clothing
"my good clothes"
"her Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes"

{adj: grandiose} impressive because of unnecessary largeness or grandeur; used to show disapproval

{adj: grey, gray} used to signify the Confederate forces in the American Civil War (who wore grey uniforms)
"a stalwart grey figure"

{adj: gymnastic} of or relating to or used in exercises intended to develop strength and agility
"gymnastic horse"

{adj: headed} having a head of a specified kind or anything that serves as a head; often used in combination
"headed bolts"
"three-headed Cerberus"
"a cool-headed fighter pilot"
<-> headless

{adj: heavy} of the military or industry; using (or being) the heaviest and most powerful armaments or weapons or equipment
"heavy artillery"
"heavy infantry"
"a heavy cruiser"
"heavy guns"
"heavy industry involves large-scale production of basic products (such as steel) used by other industries"
<-> light

{adj: heedless, reckless} characterized by careless unconcern
"the heedless generosity and the spasmodic extravagance of persons used to large fortunes"- Edith Wharton
"reckless squandering of public funds"

{adj: held} occupied or in the control of; often used in combination
"enemy-held territory"

{adj: hempen, fibrous} having or resembling fibers especially fibers used in making cordage such as those of jute

{adj: heuristic} of or relating to or using a general formulation that serves to guide investigation
<-> algorithmic

{adj: hexed, jinxed} (usually used colloquially) causing or accompanied by misfortune

{adj: hieroglyphic, hieroglyphical} written in or belonging to a writing system using pictorial symbols

{adj: high, high-pitched} used of sounds and voices; high in pitch or frequency
<-> low

{adj: high-interest} (used of loans) charging a relatively large percentage of the amount borrowed
<-> low-interest

{adj: high-octane} used of gasoline; having a high octane number

{adj: high-powered} (used of microscopes) capable of a high degree of magnification
"a high-powered microscope"

{adj: high-rise} used of buildings of many stories equipped with elevators; tall
"avenues lined with high-rise apartment buildings"
<-> low-rise

{adj: high-sudsing} (used of e.g. detergents) producing many suds
<-> low-sudsing

{adj: high} (literal meaning) being at or having a relatively great or specific elevation or upward extension (sometimes used in combinations like `knee-high')
"a high mountain"
"high ceilings"
"high buildings"
"a high forehead"
"a high incline"
"a foot high"
<-> low

{adj: home} used of your own ground
"a home game"
<-> away

{adj: honest-to-god, honest-to-goodness, old, sure-enough} (used informally especially for emphasis)
"a real honest-to-god live cowboy"
"had us a high old time"
"went upriver to look at a sure-enough fish wheel"

{adj: honorable, honourable} used as a title of respect
"my honorable colleague"
"our worthy commanding officer"

{adj: hostile} unsolicited and resisted by the management of the target company ( used of attempts to buy or take control of a business)
"hostile takeover"
"hostile tender offer"
"hostile bid"

{adj: hot} used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning
"hot stove"
"hot water"
"a hot August day"
"a hot stuffy room"
"she's hot and tired"
"a hot forehead"
<-> cold

{adj: hot} very good; often used in the negative
"he's hot at math but not so hot at history"

{adj: hoydenish, tomboyish} used of girls; wild and boisterous

{adj: humble, menial, lowly} used of unskilled work (especially domestic work)

{adj: humongous, banging, thumping, whopping, walloping} (used informally) very large
"a thumping loss"

{adj: hung} (usually followed by `with' or used in a combining form) having items suspended on or from a support
"walls hung with valuable paintings"
"a vine-hung trellis"

{adj: hushed-up} (used of information or news) kept secret by using influence
"hushed-up stories sometimes leak out"

{adj: hydroelectric} of or relating to or used in the production of electricity by waterpower
"hydroelectric power"

{adj: hygienic, hygienical} tending to promote or preserve health
"hygienic habits like using disposable tissues"
"hygienic surroundings with plenty of fresh air"

{adj: iatrogenic} induced by a physician's words or therapy (used especially of a complication resulting from treatment)

{adj: iconoclastic} destructive of images used in religious worship; said of religions, such as Islam, in which the representation of living things is prohibited

{adj: ill-favored, ill-favoured} usually used of a face
"an ill-favored countenance"

{adj: imaginative, ingenious, inventive} (used of persons or artifacts) marked by independence and creativity in thought or action
"an imaginative use of material"
"the invention of the knitting frame by another ingenious English clergyman"- Lewis Mumford
"an ingenious device"

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