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{adj: velvet, velvety, velvet-textured} smooth and soft to sight or hearing or touch or taste

{adj: velvet, velvety} resembling velvet in having a smooth soft surface

{adj: velvety-furred, velvety-haired} having hair that feels like velvet

{adj: velvety-plumaged} plumage resembling velvet

{adj: velvety-skinned} having skin like velvet

{n: Boletus subvelutipes} a fungus with a velvety stalk and usually a dingy brown cap; injured areas turn blue instantly

{n: Syngonium, genus Syngonium} epiphytic or terrestrial climbing shrubs of Central and South America; used as ornamental houseplants for their velvety foliage

{n: Wilton, Wilton carpet} a carpet woven on a Jacquard loom with loops like a Brussels carpet but having the loops cut to form a close velvety pile

{n: creeping soft grass, Holcus mollis} European perennial grass with soft velvety foliage

{n: early spider orchid, Ophrys sphegodes} spring-blooming spider orchid having a flower with yellow or green or pink sepals and a broad brown velvety lip

{n: friendship plant, panamica, panamiga, Pilea involucrata} low stingless nettle of Central and South America having velvety brownish-green toothed leaves and clusters of small green flowers

{n: genus Wisteria} Asiatic deciduous woody vine having large drooping racemes of white or bluish or purple or pinkish flowers and velvety pods; widely grown as an ornamental

{n: guano bat, Mexican freetail bat, Tadarida brasiliensis} the common freetail bat of southern United States having short velvety fur; migrates southward for winter

{n: jewel orchid} any of several delicate Asiatic orchids grown especially for their velvety leaves with metallic white or gold veining

{n: kohleria} shrubby herb cultivated for their soft velvety foliage and showy scarlet flowers

{n: moleskin} a durable cotton fabric with a velvety nap

{n: mole} small velvety-furred burrowing mammal having small eyes and fossorial forefeet

{n: moquette} a thick velvety synthetic fabric used for carpets and soft upholstery

{n: onychophoran, velvet worm, peripatus} any of numerous velvety-skinned wormlike carnivorous animals common in tropical forests having characteristics of both arthropods and annelid worms

{n: painted tongue, Salpiglossis sinuata} Chilean herb having velvety funnel-shaped yellowish or violet flowers with long tonguelike styles at the corolla throat

{n: pansy, Viola tricolor hortensis} large-flowered garden plant derived chiefly from the wild pansy of Europe and having velvety petals of various colors

{n: red ash, downy ash, Fraxinus pennsylvanica} smallish American tree with velvety branchlets and lower leaf surfaces

{n: riflebird, Ptloris paradisea} velvety black Australian bird of paradise with green and purple iridescence on head and tail

{n: velvet ant} a solitary wasp of the family Mutillidae; the body has a coat of brightly colored velvety hair and the females are wingless

{n: velvet grass, Yorkshire fog, Holcus lanatus} tall European perennial grass having a velvety stem; naturalized in United States and used for forage

{n: velvet plant, purple velvet plant, royal velvet plant, Gynura aurantiaca} Javanese foliage plant grown for their handsome velvety leaves with violet-purple hairs

{n: velvetleaf, velvet-leaf, velvetweed, Indian mallow, butter-print, China jute, Abutilon theophrasti} tall annual herb or subshrub of tropical Asia having velvety leaves and yellow flowers and yielding a strong fiber; naturalized in southeastern Europe and United States

{n: waxwing} brown velvety-plumaged songbirds of the northern hemisphere having crested heads and red waxy wing tips

{n: winter mushroom, Flammulina velutipes} an edible agaric that is available in early spring or late fall when few other mushrooms are; has a viscid smooth orange to brown cap and a velvety stalk that turns black in maturity and pallid gills; often occur in clusters

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