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{adj: characteristic} typical or distinctive
"heard my friend's characteristic laugh"
"red and gold are the characteristic colors of autumn"
"stripes characteristic of the zebra"
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{n: Callisaurus, genus Callisaurus} zebra-tailed lizard

{n: Dreissena, genus Dreissena} zebra mussels

{n: Equidae, family Equidae} horses; asses; zebras; extinct animals

{n: common zebra, Burchell's zebra, Equus Burchelli} of the plains of central and eastern Africa

{n: grevy's zebra, Equus grevyi} zebra with less continuous stripes

{n: herd} a group of wild mammals of one species that remain together: antelope or elephants or seals or whales or zebra

{n: mountain zebra, Equus zebra zebra} narrow-striped nearly extinct zebra of southern Africa

{n: pedestrian crossing, zebra crossing} street crossing where pedestrians have right of way; often marked in some way especially with diagonal stripes

{n: quagga, Equus quagga} mammal of South Africa that resembled a zebra; extinct since late 19th century

{n: zebra finch, Poephila castanotis} small Australian weaverbird with markings like a zebra's

{n: zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha} inch long mollusk imported accidentally from Europe; clogs utility inlet pipes and feeds on edible freshwater mussels

{n: zebra orchid, Caladenia cairnsiana} orchid with reddish linear leaves and panicle of purple-marked pale-yellow flowers with deep red or purple lip; southwestern Australia

{n: zebra-tailed lizard, gridiron-tailed lizard, Callisaurus draconoides} swift lizard with long black-banded tail and long legs; of deserts of United States and Mexico

{n: zebra} any of several fleet black-and-white striped African equines

{v: beset, set upon} assail or attack on all sides: "The zebra was beset by leopards"

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